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Date lost or found: 2021-08-27
Pet name: Inna
Gender: Female
Predominant Color(s): Black
Secondary Color(s): Gray / Blue / Silver
Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Coat type: Smooth
Coat length: Medium
Microchip ID: 981020005310680
Pet registry: PetLink
Collar info: Purple - with three tags
Source: Findpet
Identifying markings and features: Grey throat, grey eyebrows


Inna Update 090521:  STILL MISSING.  There have been no additional possible sightings of Inna since 8/31.  I live in Berkeley but I have been out whistling, calling and searching for her.  This morning I drove many of the backroads off of 121. Please share widely again in the Sonoma/Napa area. I have not lost hope. Inna is an avid hunter.  She is the dog that gets the squirrel (many!).   As a stray she survived on the hot beaches of Mexico and had two litters before we brought her to the states.  She is resourceful. Inna’s Story: Inna was lost up in the Sonoma/Napa area near Sears Point Road near the Sonoma Raceway on 8/27/21.  On 8/31/21 there was a report that she was possibly running along 121 near the Boon Fly Cafe which would be far away but possible.  She's in good shape for her age but hard of hearing.


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