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  • Cockatiel
Date lost or found: 2021-02-18
Gender: Male
Predominant Color(s): Gray
Secondary Color(s): White
Size: Small
Age: Young
Coat type: Not Applicable
Coat length: Not Applicable
Pet`s name: Layla
Source: Findpet
Identifying markings and features: White patches of color on face, and white color on the edges of his wings.


His name is Layla. He whistles the chorus riff from september (the earth,wind, ice and fire song.) He will most likely try to fly to you if you see him. He is friendly and does not bite. He was hand raised so he likes people. PLease let me know if you see him, I'm worried sick. The second picture is older and has his baby colors. The first picture with the glove shows his color more recently. He is a male white faced cockatiel.


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