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  • Domestic Short Hair
Date lost or found: 2021-06-15
Pet name: Skippy
Gender: Male
Age: Young
Microchip ID: 985113004448440
Tag ID: Rabies
Tag provider: Houston Humane
Source: Findpet
Identifying markings and features: Neutered. Microchipped to correct Owner. White Paw, White speckle across his nose and a White Chest.


He is about a year old and we've rescued him ever since he was a kitten! He is a huge part of our family and it just isn't the same without this little guy! Please help me find this little guy and bring him home! Mom misses him the most since it was a gift to her originally. We appreciate all the help and feed back if anyone has any ideas on whereabouts or anything similar please feel free to reach out, Please! This is very important to our family. Thanks in advance to everyone!


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