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Date lost or found: 2021-07-21
Pet name: Zoé
Gender: Female
Source: Findpet


Brown tabby cat (teenager, small; about 7-8 lbs) Her name is Zoé. She keeps escaping because she's in heat. I'm trying to get her fixed but all the vets around that I've called are booked through until next month <:( Im worried about her because she's too brave for her own good and I dont even think she'd run from a coyote :( I don't want her to get pregnant and Im terrified that an owl or a coyote will get her :'( Please keep a lookout. She cant resist chasing branches or lazers, and she will come to most anyone who calls her or cracks a can of cat food or tuna. She is used to walking on a harness and leash too. She's wearing a black rhinestone collar with a tag on it. If u see her please let me know, and if u can catch her she belongs at 1424 Whitestone Rd. My contact # is 619.657.9027 Thank you in advance if u find her, or just keep ur eyes open for her <:(


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Added By Kasey Adler

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