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Date lost or found: 2021-09-27
Pet name: Erin
Gender: Female
Microchip ID: 982000409651901
Pet registry: 24PetWatch Pet Protection Services
Tag ID: 011663
Tag provider: Cumberland Valley animal shelter
Source: Findpet


Missing in Perry County: A gray & silver tiger cat with green eyes, 4 &1/2 years old. Spayed-declawed. Indoor cat. Lost 9/27/21. Erin was not wearing her tags Mon night, she somehow manages to get them off. Altho she is tagged and microchipped thru Cumberland Valley Animal shelter. When I took the dog out Mon night, Erin darted out. She always comes back w/in a couple of hours, but not Mon night. She did not show up Tuesday morning and has not been seen since. We have searched for 7 days now, but no sign of her so far. She went missing from Stiles Drive in Marysville, PA. Stiles Drive is 9 & 1/2 miles outside of Marysville off 850. On your left from 850, you will make a turn onto Grier Point Rd. You will see a white church that sits in the middle of Grier Pt Rd on your right nearer to 850. Just before the church you will make another left onto Stiles Drive. I pray that someone took her in and that she is safe somewhere inside being taken care of. Anyone that can help find her will be so appreciated. Thank You! The number to call at my home is (717)579-5283.


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