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Date lost or found: 2021-09-17
Pet name: Nymeria
Gender: Female
Microchip ID: N/A
Source: Findpet


My currently 12 week old service dog in training, Nymeria, went missing on September 17th around 9pm. She is a pitbull boxer mix with ice blue eyes and black fur with white patches; primarily on her face, chest, and paws. She is due to begin service training for my heart arrhythmia, but there has been absolutely no sign of her for weeks. I'm worried sick about my little bear, so please, if anyone has any information at all about my baby, don't hesitate to contact me at 317-956-6357. Please only contact me if you've seen, or have a lead on Nymeria's location! I've been getting harassing messages for weeks telling me I'm a terrible person for "letting her out". So I want to make this really clear. My dog WAS SAFE AND SECURE IN THE HOUSE before she disappeared. *All pictures I have are from a week before her disappearance! She may be larger now than she was then!*


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Added By Nerissa Miller

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