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Date lost or found: 2021-04-10
Gender: Male
Source: Findpet


Detroit, MI - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Sponsored • ***Re-Post - STILL MISSING AS OF Fri Apr 16 2021*** "Still no sign of our sweet bird sponge Bob Hopefully someone has him and will report him as found. Miss him so much! Please cal 586-254-3139 or 586-703-1606" Please spread the word! Sponge Bob is STILL MISSING as of Apr 10 2021, last seen in Shelby Township, MI 48316 near Shelby / Ryan Message From Owner:Sponge Bob flew away on Saturday 04/10. He is very friendly and will come to you usually when called by his name. I hope someone finds him before he can’t get through our weather, or something tries to get him. He is blue, gray and has dark blue on his wings. He likes to land on your head. I’m sure since it was such a nice day Saturday, he would have looked for people and land on them. Please contact us at 586-254-3139. We miss him dearly. Description: Blue/Gray/white with Royal blue tips on wings Parrotlet, friendly small bird.


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Added By Sharon Jackman

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