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Date lost or found: 2021-07-09
Pet name: Prince
Gender: Male
Source: Findpet


Missing: Our dog darted out of the house lastnight and we’ve been looking for him all day.. we live In bronston. If anyone has seen him please let me know, or if you have him please message. He has on a red collar. If you do see him, and are able to keep him for me we will come get him immediately, he comes to Prince and is very sweet with people. Thank you for any help. If you have him please do not have him on a chain. Either bring him inside and we will come for him, or let him loose and he will come home. Just please do not leave him outside. It is raining and he hates rain and is scared of thunder and lightning 😞 There is someone who posted him however he is no longer at her house. This was on Sycamore Drive, in bronston. He took off when he got scared of the thunder 😞 so if you’re near this area please keep a lookout.


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Added By Rachel Dabney

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