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Pittsburg, California, 94565
English Bulldog, French Bulldog
Brown, Chocolate
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     READ THIS FIRST!!!  This is a courtesy post for our friends at Recycled Pets NorCal. "Courtesy Post" means JUST THAT -- we are posting this listing as a COURTESY for another rescue. We get at least a dozen emails a day from people who do not READ before responding. Many of them ask for a dog named "courtesy" (which is just stupid) and the rest say "how much?" (just no). Please email THEM (not us) at for more information which means DO NOT HIT THE CONTACT BUTTON IN THIS POST BECAUSE THAT WILL EMAIL US AND NOT THE RESCUE WHO HAS THEM.   They have adoption requirements different than ours. These dogs are USUALLY only available within "driving distance" of Sacramento Area (different flexibility for different dogs depending on medical needs). If you cannot follow simple directions in this post, then how on Earth are you to be trusted to care for special needs dogs who have directions that need to be followed in order to properly care for them? The more detailed your email and the more it shows that you read and understand about the medical needs of the dogs, the better.  If you email us instead of them, we are going to assume that you did not read the LONG description that our interns wrote below and that you are unaware that these dogs have special needs and wear diapers and we will therefore discard your inquiry without responding. Both Umbrella of Hope and Recycled Pets NorCal are run by entirely volunteers who do this out of love for homeless animals in our spare time away from our full time, unrelated jobs -- thank you for understanding     BULLDOGS IN DIAPERS -- WHHHHHAAAATTTTT?   COURTESY POST for our friends at Recycled Pets NorCal -- send an email to   Adopters and foster homes needed for a special project and special puppies :)   Why do they have so many bulldogs in diapers???   All of these English Bulldogs come from all over the United States and were born with Spina Bifida. This is somewhat common in this breed and occurs during gestation when the spinal canal does not close all of the way. Usually it only presents with a small dimple at the base of the spine (there is nothing open or gross -- and honestly most people cannot see it). Affected puppies have trouble using their back legs and also need to wear diapers.   Recycled Pets takes in these puppies as they are part of a research project in partnership with Shriners Hospital for Children and the #1 veterinary teaching hospital in the WORLD -- UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the UC Davis Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures - VIRC.   English Bulldog puppies with spina bifida are placed in foster homes and some of them are getting surgery using new technology that helps them walk better than they do prior to surgery. The results will then go to help human children who have spina bifida.   And what happens afterwards? They go up for adoption!!!!!   They walk a little differently than other puppies but it does not limit them in any way (none so far have needed wheelchairs). Due to the spinal cord damage from their birth defect, they will wear diapers their entire lives (it is currently not correctable).   Sometimes Recycled Pets takes other breeds with spina bifida too -- currently they do not qualify for the study (that may change in the future). These dogs are also placed in foster homes and go up for adoption.   They are in need of both foster and adoptive homes!!! In fact, they are having to turn puppies down because they do not have enough foster homes and it takes a LONG time to get them adopted. That means there are puppies who could benefit from this surgery and who could teach the researchers how to apply the results to children who are NOT getting the surgery because there have not been enough people to step up and adopt/foster. That is a tragedy!   Foster homes must be local to the Sacramento Area of CA. The puppies have appointments and surgery at UC Davis and then once recovered attend adoption events and meet-and-greets in the Sacramento Area. The rescue covers all expenses for foster homes.   Adoptive homes are more flexible on location. Some need to be within easy driving distance, some can be a bit further away. If the puppies have had surgery, they need VERY occasional (FREE) checkups at UC Davis to monitor their progress. Those dogs that did not qualify for surgery (for various reasons) do not need to return.   The diaper doggies take about an additional 30 minutes a day and some extra laundry. They do not need yards which is a plus-side. They are otherwise normal dogs who walk funny.   Please send inquiries to   Thanks for helping :)We are on all social media at @umbrellaofhope and we invite you to follow us and share which helps more people see and adopt our pets.  To help our ALL VOLUNTEER team rescue more senior, special needs, medically needy and hospice animals (and a few "typical" ones along the way, please consider making a tax-deductible (TAX ID 45-4103375) donation online at or Venmo @umbrellaof-hoperescue or Zelle   You can also buy tees, tanks. sweatshirts, hats and bandannas where all proceeds benefit our animals We also have an Etsy store where the merchandise is made by volunteers and supporters, changes regularly and 100% of the proceeds benefit our medical fund Amazon Wish List  


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