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Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog, Mixed
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
YOGI is a handsome young man who absolutely loves life and adores his ball!  He loves to romp in the playyard at boarding and play with a dog he's met there.  He's going to be a terrific companion for some lucky family!  BACKGROUNDYogi came to us from a local shelter after he was abandoned by his owner and picked up as a stray. PERSONALITYHe's a big goofball -- an energetic teenager.  He still jumps on people and has rough manners, but it's apparent that he was not taught anything by his original owners.  He's friendly and loving, though he's not a cuddler or kisser.  Instead he just loves life and wants to play.  He's very ball-driven and will find it almost anywhere you hide it.  However, he also loves to share his ball with other dogs!  If it's in your hands, he'll sit eagerly for it and still tries to jump to get it out of your hand if allowed.  However, with the right command and calm authority, he does sit and wait.  He also LOVES to be chased and play keep-away. He'll bring the ball almost right up to you and then veer away hoping you'll chase him.  He's an adorable, goofy youngster. OTHER ANIMALSHe did fine with other dogs on his dog test at the shelter.  He quickly made good friends with a 6 yr old female GSD who's in the same boarding kennel as he is.  The two were total strangers to each other but after just a brief meeting they started playing and chasing.  The video shows one such playtime with the two of them.  We're really impressed by Yogi's willingness, even desire, to share his precious ball with the other dog.  If she doesn't chase him, he'll go over to her with the ball and drop it for her, trying to get her back into a game of chase.  If she has it, he'll chase her.  If she's not chasing him, he'll go get her and try to get her back in the game.  When both dogs have a ball, they try to steal each others' ball.  There's no sign of possessiveness over the toy at all, but rather as a source of fun.He MUST have another dog to play with, one who will play chase and share toys easily.  He can play with both younger and somewhat older dogs, and be respectful. SMALL DOGS:  we haven't seen him around small dogs and that would have to be tested.CATS are uncertain -- he was interested in a crated cat at the boarding facility but easily corrected, and backed off after the cat hissed at him.  We believe he is trainable with cats but more testing would be required.PEOPLEHe seems to love all people.  Although he's in boarding, he's been fine with everyone he's met.  He hasn't met any kids yet and that would have to be tested, but we believe that the only issue he would have would be his size and rambunctiousness -- like any large and energetic dog, he could accidentally knock a small child over.  He should be supervised around small children until he is fully trained and has excellent manners.TRAININGHe has no leash manners yet and we're working on that along with a few commands such as "wait" and "sit."  Because he's in boarding and not in a foster home, the training is slower but he is learning.  He keeps a very clean kennel in boarding and appears to be housetrained.  He doesn't like his kennel but tolerates it and gets VERY excited when he gets out of it!  He's very jumpy and excitable when let out of his kennel at first, but once he's gotten some exercise and played he handles easily on leash.  He's very samrt and will learn quickly with consistent, calm leadership in his own home.HOUSE MANNERSYogi has been in a foster home for a short time, after being in boarding for 3 months.  He's doing very well and blended into the home and resident dog pack quickly and well.  He's young and rambunctious -- so still needs training and patience -- but he's doing very well.  He is crate trained and doing well on house training.OVERALLYogi is a cool dude has a lovely carefree nature -- he just loves life!  As long as he has a ball toy and another dog to play chase with and people to care for him, he's a happy camper.  He has all the earmarks of a dog whose owners left him on his own and as a result he learned to entertain himself.  He's not clingy or needy, but has a nice balance between dependence and independence.  
If you're looking for a handsome young dudewho's energetic, trainable and
 will make you smile, 
and you're an ACTIVE family, 
YOGI may be your ideal family member! 
YOGI'S ADOPTION FEE:   $350 This fee covers only part of what we spend to vet, board and rehab the dogs we save. On average we spend over $450 on each dog. We made a decision to keep our adoption fee at the 2005 level even though vet prices have doubled and tripled since then. We are constantly fundraising to cover the deficit. At minimum, your adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm treatment if needed, rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, bordatella shot, deworming, monthly heartworm and flea preventives, and microchip. In many cases it also includes surgery and various types of vet treatment for standard issues such as hot spots, ear infections and so on.  INTERESTED IN ADOPTING YOGI? Complete an Adoption Application Now!PLEASE READ THIS:

We're picky about our adopters.  
Are you sure you're up to having a GSD?  They're not for everyone.  They take a lot of time, effort, training.  They shed year round.  They're big.  They scare lots of people.  They "mouth" and herd.  They're usually strong-willed and stubborn.  You have to have references and a home visit.  If you're not willing or able to deal with any of this, please don't waste your time or ours applying.   
Will the dog be an inside family pet? We do not adopt to outdoor-only homes. All dogs must be indoor dogs.
Do you leave your dog outdoors when you're not home?   We do not adopt to homes that leave their animals outside when they're gone.  You must put your dogs indoors when you're gone.  A 3 yr old adopted MOGS dog died when the owners went to run errands, left her outdoors, the gate was somehow opened, and she was hit by a car.  Tragic and 100% preventable. Even privacy fences get broken into.  Gates are opened.  Thieves steal dogs. Never leave your dog outdoors when you're not home!!
What's your plan for unexpected events and major changes?  New baby? Divorce?  Moving?   How you will provide for your dog if your family breaks up? 
Will you make a lifetime commitment?  It's your responsibility to keep your dog safe, loved and cared for FOR LIFE.
 Do you understand we expect you to keep that lifetime commitment?  It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stick by your family member -- no matter what. 
Are you unable or unwilling to make a lifetime commitment? Do not apply.


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Thank you for considering a homeless dog or cat.


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