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Update 12/28/20: Sunny is recovering from injuries and has enough stitches to be a frankenpigeon but is bouncing back nicely and would love to find a forever home. Likes: her pigeon block, watching the world, listening to songs. Dislikes: hands in her space, yucky meds for her injuries (even though she takes them fine, just grumbles about it). She is sassy but surprisingly neat with her seeds for a pigeon. She eats almost everything in the seed mix and doesn't fling food about the way most pidges fling it like confetti._________________This is Sunny, the “dove release” Homer pigeon who, likely flying home from a wedding or funeral, suffered a brutal predator attack and dropped into the backyard of a kind human. Sunny's wounds have required emergency hospitalization and we are grateful to everyone who has helped her so far, from her rescuer to the Palomacy volunteers who stepped in to assess and transport her, to the veterinarians now providing her with expert care. Sunny now has a chance to survive and live her life. We'll provide more updates soon.Please apply to adopt


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