In shelter Dog

San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas, ...
American Pit Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Clementine Please save me from this place and choose me to be your forever dog. I will return the favor by loving you and protecting your home and family. I have a mean bark and will run around your fences even though I love people and my favorite is giving hugs.  I’m content with wherever I have to stay and am not a fence jumper or digger. I love chews and toys and big knuckle bones. Kong toys are my favorite because other toys don’t last very long. I’m an excellent dog to bathe and brush and love to cuddle on the sofa and bed. I will also lay on this dog bed and am happy In a dog crate when alone at home. I will use a doggy door and will not potty in my kennel. If you have a fenced yard and the weather is nice I’m happy to be in your yard and won’t scratch up your doors if you want me to spend some time soaking up the sun. I was in a foster home for many months growing my beautiful coat back after the last time I was here. My foster mom loved me but I had to come back here to find my forever home. I don’t understand how to get along with other animals. I will wear a muzzle or stay in my kennel if others come to visit or if you want to take me to the park. My neck is not very sensitive so it’s best to walk me with a gentle leader or a chain collar. A harness is also helpful for me to wear when I leave the house because I am very strong.  The best way to teach me manners in my new house is with a water bottle. I love treats and a spoonful of yogurt on my dog food. I will follow you from room to room and will want to help you with all your daily chores by staying close to you. I am free to adopt to any approved adopter. I come with a crate and harness and muzzle and sweater and my dog bed that I don’t chew up. If you want me for your one and only then I’m your gal. I’m only 4-5 years old and most of those years I was not treated very well or I was here praying  to be made a part of someone’s family. I have energy and love long walks. I’m best with older kids because I’m a big strong girl and might accidentally knock over little ones so older children in the home would be my best fit. If I’m not best for your family please tell others that I am here waiting for the right family to love me. Thank you for reading about me and wanting to save a shelter dog.


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