American Staffordshire Terrier
Brindle with White
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We have come to tell you the heart wrenching tale of a radiant young pitty Princess named Lucy. Lucy was the fairest pitty in all the land. She was always admired for her extravagant beauty and she had everything going for her - good looks, a beautiful home, warm bed, and a loving family. One day, Lucy decided she wanted some freedom away from her princess tower and there was another furball doggy taunting her outside that she wanted to go see. That's when she had a genius idea! She taught herself how to open the front door all on her own, with her pretty little pitty paws! She quickly ran outside with her fur blowing in the wind and just like that...her world changed forever. Princess Lucy let her freedom get the best of her and she got into a duel with that taunting furball out on the street. As a result of her tom foolery, her loving family disowned her and now she has found herself bankrupt and homeless. Lucy has now lost her princess tower and is sitting in a not so comfy boarding facility waiting for a new family to come give her the love that she deserves. The days are long and the boarding fees are piling up like a ton of bricks. Lucy says it's not very becoming of a Princess to go around begging, so she's asked us to do her dirty work. She just needs someone with kind eyes and a compassionate soul to give her a foster or forever home or donate and cover her rent so we can continue our search for the perfect home and a return to full blown Princess status! Can you PLEASE help Lucy regain princess status by donating here: and by sharing her story?​ P.S. Hi, Lucy here! I wanted to tell you a little more about me. I love to snuggle with my family and lay in bed with them if they let me I'm great with kids, and lived with an 18 month old and older kids with my last family. I don't get along with some dogs, but I lived with some large male boxers in my last home. I'll need to meet any doggies before going into a home with them. I'm a really mellow and lazy girl, and I just want a family again. Family is all I've ever known! I'm potty trained and love meeting new people. Just come meet me so I can have a chance to win your heart!


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