Daisy - Courtesy Post - Darling Girl   

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Bellevue, Pleasant Valley Township, B...
Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler
Blue, Silver, Salt & Pepper
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Daisy - Courtesy Post - Darling Girl
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Courtesy Post: If you're interested in Daisy, please fill out an adoption application at pnwcdr.org/adopt   Daisy is a 1.5-year-old ACD. She is small for her size, at 35 lbs. She is very smart and wants to engage with her people. She'll start predicting your next move if you're not paying attention! Daisy loves playing fetch with a frisbee or ball. She's very athletic and LOVES playing in the water! She likes dog toys and will happily entertain herself if there's nothing else to do. She's content napping on the couch when things are mellow around the house. She loves Nylabones and chew toys. In Jan 2021, Daisy attended a 6-week Board and Train to help her with her reactivity. Daisy has anxiety and new people, places, and dogs are some of her triggers. Daisy is most comfortable at home and in places she knows. She can go to new places, but her handler must keep an eye on her anxiety and use the training she has learned to manage her. Daisy isn’t a dog to take everywhere right now, but she has lots of potential with an owner who understands her limits and will continue working with her. Daisy is also a love in the house. She adores the people she bonds with, is gentle, knows many commands, and is great in her crate. Daisy was reactive when she started a 6-week board and train. She chased moving vehicles, bikes, skateboards and barked and lunged at other dogs. Daisy's reactivity towards moving objects and dogs has improved a great deal. The next step for her is to attend a reactive dog class. Daisy has mastered basic and advanced obedience and she has great impulse control. Her new owners will need to maintain these skills by practicing them daily. Due to Daisy's training needs, she will only be placed in a home with an experienced dog owner who has had exposure to reactivity or other behavior issues and can demonstrate that they are motivated to help Daisy work through her fears and anxieties. Daisy would do best in a quiet neighborhood or rural setting. We recommend an adoptive home without other dogs or in a home where she is closely managed should there be another neutral dog. Given her current level of reactivity and her training needs, we will not place her in a home with small kids. Daisy is currently being fostered in Lake Forest Park WA. If you're interested in meeting Daisy, please fill out an adoption application at: pnwcdr.org/adopt Daisy is 1.5 years old, spayed, microchipped, and has received age-appropriate core vaccines. Daisy's adoption fee is $330. Please note: We do not do DNA testing on our foster dogs. The breed description is our best guess based on the dog’s appearance, mother’s appearance, paperwork, etc. We cover the medical to prepare the pet for adoption and the adopt donations go directly to cover those costs and range from $295-$495.  Thank you for stepping up to save a life! To expedite to meet with this dog, please go to our site at www.savinggreatanimals.org and fill out an application. We look at the first applications to arrive, so we hope to hear from you soon!


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