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In shelter Dog

Garden City, Hempstead, Nassau County...
Pet name:
Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, Mixed
Gray, Silver, Salt & Pepper with White
Coat length:
Ladies and gentlemen… meet 7 year old Anchovy! A very unique name for a very unique girl. True to her breed, Anchovy will do her absolute best to investigate and report any suspicious activity around your home. Unfortunately, Anchovy considers small children and other animals to be VERY suspicious activity. This being said, it’s important that she go to a home with older children and no other animals. She will not get along with your dog. I do not care how nice and friendly your dog is. Anchovy sees any other dogs as a rotisserie chicken up for grabs.

Like a typical velcro dog she will stick to her human and takes her job of guard dog very seriously, even though no one asked her to. Anchovy does not like to be left alone (she has some serious fomo). If at any point she feels like she is being left out of something she will cry until she is included. Since this includes leaving her home alone it is best to have some distance from your neighbors.

In the right environment, Anchovy will be an amazing dog. She knows her basic commands and rarely pulls on the leash. She is housetrained and will not climb onto furniture unless given permission. She could play fetch for hours and will even place the ball right in your lap. Anchovy is such a good girl and belongs in a home where she can live out her adult life. She will require a fenced in backyard, preferably with 24/7 access to the yard. She will howl at firetrucks, loudly (again remember about your neighbors).

I put together a list of her likes and dislikes that I noticed during her time with me:


Tearing toys apart Cars (gotta walk opposing traffic so she can see them coming

Any adult that pets her Other dogs

Any doors leading inside (if you’re walking outside) Being in an unfamiliar indoors

Her ball (or literally any ball) Suspicious people walking on the sidewalk that she sees from our 5th floor apartment window

Peanut butter People knocking on the door

Anything you are eating Bath time (lots of crying)

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