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In shelter Dog

Sebec, Maine, 04481
Pet name:
Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Mixed
Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
Coat length:
Please contact Jenny Cope ( for more information about this pet.
EASTER was saved from a high kill shelter in Texas where dogs can often have only 3 days to be saved. EASTER has rabies, core vaccines, heartworm/tick disease tested negative for all. She is de-wormed, monthly preventatives and microchipped. At the time of rescue at the beginning of April 2021,she weighed around 44.00 pounds and has an estimated date of birth 29 March 2019

We cannot say for sure what breed she is, so we expect families to do their own research on her look and size and decide what breed you think she is and if you have the lifestyle suitable for her needs.


EASTER was adopted for a couple of weeks but returned due to not being a good fit for the family. She was too much for the families dog and would get over stimulated when the small children were running around playing. She also became quite stubborn and didn't want to do as she was told.


When Easter came back she became very depressed in the kennels and so I brought her to the house where there are around 20 other dogs including some 3 month pups and their mother. Easter at first was unsure of the situation as you would expect, however, she soon settled in and has became best buddies with the puppies and plays exceptionally well with them. She does chase and paw with them and if she gets over excited and they yell at her, she responds and calms down. They are often all wrestling with her rolling over on her back and the pups climbing all over her.

With the older dogs, she wants to be challenging, but at the house there are several dogs that are twice her size and most dogs won't put up with any antics and so she has been put in her place a few times, which is really what she needs. She needs to learn how to behave and what is acceptable and not. Jumping on other dogs, is not always liked or wanted and after a day of being in the house she rarely jumps or tries to jump on any dogs.


Easter is true to her herding instincts and with so much going on, she doesn't know what to focus on - she can be playing with a ball, but if she sees the other dogs playing, or running, she has to go and see what they are doing. 


Since being back at the rescue she has been extremely responsive, there has been no teenager-brat attitude, which happens quite often with dogs when they go to new homes after a couple of weeks - they are testing the boundaries and being that typical teenager, which just needs training, structure and giving her strong, clear direction of what is acceptable and what isn't.


Easter needs a very active family and someone that understands the herding breed and can give her the life she needs. She is extremely intelligent and if that is not channeled, then she will get bored and get up to mischief. She needs a family who is dedicated to working on any little quirks or teenage attitude, who can give her an active, challenging and mentally stimulating life. She needs to know she is not in charge and a mutual respect gained.


Easter using the dog door to go in and out and do her business, at night she sleeps outside the bedroom door. When I am out and about the house or the garden she wants to be next to me and has tried to claim me as her own with the other dogs. This is something that I will not allow and she is learning that there is enough love and attention for everyone and that she must wait her turn. It is just like a small child who wants her mum or dad all to themselves, they just need to be taught that it is ok.


Easter is extremely curious and will get into anything and everything if she can, part of that is her being bored here, as in not having her brain engaged, but she will check out counter tops, try and get into cupboards that have the door slightly open and just whatever she can get her paws on. However, training, exercise and mental stimulation and not being left alone in a situation where she can get up to mischief will alleviate this.


She is an amazing dog, with so much potential to do so much, but she must have the family that understands and has time for the needs that she has.


We are not able to say how the dogs are around cats, small children or livestock. It is up to families to take all precautions and be prepared to work on training, mutual respect and providing safe place for other animals for potential long term.


All dogs will use dog doors to go out and do their business or to enjoy the cool, fresh weather in their dog runs or communal areas. We cannot say if a dog is house-trained, however, we expect families to understand that all dogs need a transition period and accidents could happen and training is most definitely needed.


You MUST understand that dogs need time to decompress and adapt to their new environment and home. It is a HUGE transition they make from the kill shelter, being vetted, on transport for 3 days and arriving in Maine where the temperature and such is very different to what they have only known. In rescue there is what is known as the "3 Point Rule" Days 1-3 your dog is stressed, anxious, confused as to where they are now. Weeks 1-3 your dog is adjusting, settling in, learning things. At the 3 month point, your dog understands they are home, and have built up a trusting relationship where they feel loved and secure.


All dogs are fed Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK Natural Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Western Grasslands Recipe with Bison. Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Dog Food receives the Dog Food Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars.


ALL dogs are available for adoption for an adoption fee of $550


This fee is not negotiable and is used to cover the rescue costs of pulling, vetting, health certificate, transport from Texas, or other locations, countries to Maine, monthly preventatives, supplements, food, general day to day cost of running a brick and mortar rescue and anything else that is needed. 


If you feel that you have the heart and home to give this precious soul a wonderful life, please go to our website, under the ADOPTION INFO tab, complete, then submit the APPLICATION. Our process takes around 1-2 days, and ensuring your references are aware that we will be calling, could speed up the process. Once you have been approved, we discuss any questions in regards to the dog you are wanting to adopt, then you complete and submit the contract, make payment and then we can work out the pick up / transport arrangements.


Please do NOT submit an application if you are not looking to take home a new best friend within the next few weeks.



ALL Dogs are LOCATED AT THE RESCUE IN SEBEC, MAINE. We post in various states along the east coast and Canada where we have had lots of successful adoptions to enable more exposure for these beautiful saved souls. Families will need to be prepared to travel to the rescue to meet and take home their new best friend. Sebec is located just outside the towns of Dover-Foxcroft and Milo (approx 8 miles) and approx 45 miles from Bangor. There are also lots of hotels, motels, pet friendly accommodations  and wonderful camp-sites for the more adventurous families and what a great way to get to know your new best friend.


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