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Ripley (GA)   

In shelter Dog

Fremont, Alameda County, California, ...
Pet name:
Ripley (GA)
Border Collie, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with White
Ripley is a 2 year old border collie mix. She loves to snuggle and is happiest when she’s curled up on the couch with her people. She also loves going on walks playing fetch at the dog park playing with puzzles and toys and taking long naps in the sunshine.
 Ripley is very well-trained and knows standard commands (sit stay lie down stand heel etc...). She also knows lots of fun tricks (weaving through legs giving her paw speaking crawling rolling over etc...). She’s leash- potty- and crate-trained and loves being around other dogs. She's very smart and easy to train.
 Ripley will need a home with advanced dog experience. She gets anxious around strangers and small children. When strangers approach her she growls barks and lunges. While she has never bitten anyone she shows signs that she will bite if the person does not back away. She has also shown resource guarding behavior (primarily with high value treats and toys) as well as a prey drive.
 Ripley would thrive in a home that is calm and quiet. She would do best with an owner who is active and can take her out for exercise at least 30 mins/day (or hire a dog walker). Although she is crate-trained she gets anxious if left alone for long periods so it would be ideal if her owner were with her most of the day. She will also need an owner who is patient and will give her lots of positive encouragement. Unknown how she'd be with cats but assume not good. No kids. Probably not good in an office situation due to her reactive behavior but an office would be ok if there are no visitors customers or guests. Ripley needs a fenced-in attached yard. 
 We are helping Ripley's current guardian to rehome her. Please fill out our online application and we will forward to them. Adoption fee would be minimum $100 donation to Furry Friends Rescue. If you have specific questions please send them through and we will put you in touch with her current guardian.