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We show our dogs by appointment only upon receipt of an online application which can be found at  If you are reading this, we are still accepting applications for this dog.  The adoption fee for Daisy is $200 Meet Daisy. Daisy is between one and two years old and is what we believe to be a boxer possibly American bulldog mix, however in all honesty she's probably a Heinz 57 variety of multiple breeds. Daisy was surrendered to us by her owner because her and the older female dog in the home were not getting along as the other dog was 15 years old and her and Daisy just didn't mesh well together. Daisy has been coming to doggy daycare with us for nearly a year, she plays great in playgroup and loves coming everyday to play. She also is used to frequent dog park visits. She is social and loves other dogs. She can just be a bit of a dominant personality when it comes to her own home, owners, and food.  We believe Daisy would do best either as the only dog in the home, or a home where she is the only female. She seems to prefer male dogs as playmates and does not feel the need to display the same dominant behavior she does with females. However on neutral territory (not her own home) she gets along well with all dogs.  Daisy is a HIGH energy dog who will require plenty of activity in order to be her best behaved self. She is not a dog well suited for being left alone for long hours of the day everyday.  Daisy is a dog who likes to have something to chew, she will need plenty off toys out for her to entertain herself with or she will find something to chew.  Daisy can be a bit spooked of loud noises and is sometimes scared by traffic noise. She would not like living near a loud or busy street. She is protective of her food with other dogs, if there is another dog around daisy will need to be fed separately. Daisy is a HUGE snuggler and is accustom to sleeping in bed with her previous owner. She is very affectionate and loves to be with her people. Daisy is still in her teenage years, so she is still learning everyday and will need an owner who will continue training and be willing to be patient with her as she may take a while to adjust to a new home.  Daisy would be best in a home with a wooden privacy fence at least 6 feet tall as she can jump a chain link fence. 


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