Lulu - Available!   

In shelter Dog

Ocean Township, New Jersey, 07755
Boxer, Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
Brown, Chocolate with White
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Lulu - Available!
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Description: *****Courtesy Post***** This is Lulu.  Lulu is a 45 lb, 4 year old boxer-hound-pit mix.  She’s an absolute sweetheart, but she wasn’t socialized as a puppy: she was found in the woods at age 1 in terrible condition.  We rescued her in 2017.  She loves running and cuddling, and is in her own home generally a very sweet dog; but she's unable to be around most other dogs except those in our household and she exhibits signs of resource guarding aggression from her time in the woods.   We are looking to rehome her with someone who needs a sweet, loving, loyal, imperfect companion. She should live in a place where she can run and get lots of exercise, ideally without other animals (although she’s great friends with both our dog and cat, she is usually wary of pets she doesn’t know.)   She needs a strong, patient owner, as she is small but mighty.  We love her dearly and she would make a great pet in a no children, no pet (or certain pets) home.  If you have any questions, please email   Additional important information: She should not be left alone outside in a fenced in yard unless it's very tall, she can hop our 6ft fence. She is currently on a medium dose of fluoxitine (at the recommendation of our vet) to help with her anxiety, and that would need to continue. She needs frequent walks and hikes. Any adopter would also have to continue to work patiently with her fear and resource guarding issues.  We were doing our best managing her issues and planned to keep her because she is a tremendously loving and playful dog. However, she bit our toddler on the head when he reached for her chew toy in a resource guarding situation; it was not a serious bite, but the potential for more scenarios like this exist and we have a duty to protect our son while also ensuring Lulu isn't relegated to a life in a crate or tied outside anytime our son is around. She deserves more than to spend her life in a crate or to be euthanized by a shelter at such a young age though, and we really hope to find her a new home. How to Adopt Me! If you are interested in learning more about me, and possibly making me part of your family, please go to Click on the orange Online Adoption Application button to fill out an application. A Wag On Inn volunteer will be in touch soon!


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