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Marigold (bonded to Rose)   

In shelter Rabbit

Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, U...
Pet name:
Marigold (bonded to Rose)
Bunny Rabbit, Mixed
Coat length:
Marigold is a 1-year-old bunny who was a 2020 Easter bunny. She and her sister, Rosie, were kept in small muddy cages in their family’s backyard and were often neglected. They would escape to find food and water. Rabbit Advocates volunteers recaptured them from a blackberry briar patch where they were living, after their owners released them into RA care. These sisters are closely bonded and must be adopted together. 

Marigold is a mellow bun who loves to stretch out in the middle of the floor and get comfortable. She is a curious girl, and loves to explore her environment. She will stand up on her hind legs and peer around with her beautiful golden ears held high. She has excellent litter box habits and would do well as a free-roaming house or room bun in a quiet household, as long as cords are bunny-proofed and carpet is protected from digging. Marigold gets along with cats well in a submissive way, and she loves to be groomed by them. She has not been exposed to dogs in her foster home, but she would probably do fine with a calm, bunny-loving dog. 

Marigold is a complete sweetheart, despite her traumatic past. She can be shy at first and takes a while to warm up to people, but once she does make that connection, she will allow her bonded human to hold and pet her. She would make an excellent therapy bun or emotional support animal to someone who is eager to put in the time to form a deep bond. This golden girl has been around children as young as 4 in her foster home. While she isn’t aggressive or bothered by them, she is shy around children and would not make a good companion for a young child. She will blossom to the fullest in a home with one or two adult humans who would like to develop a close connection with a beautiful bun. 

Are you looking for a pair of sisters with very different and equally fun personalities? Head over to the Rabbit Advocates website to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application!


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