In shelter Cat

Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, ...
Calico or Dilute Calico
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Mousey is a pretty little calico girl that meows like a little squeaky mouse. She was living on the streets and started out untrusting and scared but from day one her gentle and sweet nature was easy to see. And every day, little by little, she shows a little more affection, a little more trust, a little more happiness. She rubs against our legs and we can pet her body and head.  She loves batting around toys and sometimes shows joy by shaking her little tail.  This little girl is FIV+ but is healthy, and just like many FIV kitties, it's possible she will live as long and healthy a life as any FIV- kitty. She's been spayed, dewormed, has her rabies shot, is microchipped, and her recent blood work came back perfect. She would be the ideal companion for a person or family that would be able to give her an indoor-only home, lots of love, attention and patience and find it rewarding to see her continue to blossom. She would probably ideally really love having another kitty to bond and play with because she was living amongst other cats on the street for so long, but she might do well as an only kitty too. (Please don't let her FIV discourage you - scroll to the bottom for more information on FIV.) Mousey is safe here, but she deserves so much more.  We hope to find her a home very soon.  Please message me today via FB or send an email to and tell me a little more about you and your family.  Mousey longs for an indoor-only forever home where she is loved and accepted and allowed to return the love in her own way and at her own pace. If you can give her that, and of course provide her with whatever care she may need should she ever feel under the weather, which is even more important for FIV kitties, this sweet little girl will finally be able to rest and never have to worry about being on the streets again, and she will reward you with so much. Mousey is in West Palm Beach, Florida, but location doesn't matter - for the right family we'll find a way.  (A little more about FIV: According to my research FIV is *not* easily transmitted - it is mostly transmitted by bite wounds. So in homes where cats are properly introduced and get along, the chance of transmission by sharing food bowls, litter, and grooming is highly unlikely. So it is possible for FIV+ and FIV- cats to live together. If you want more information about this or about FIV in general, please ask and I will direct you to further information so you can decide for yourself.)


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