Gia (FCID# 01/25/2021 - 64)   

In shelter Cat

Greenville, Delaware, 19710
Calico, Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Calico or Dilute Calico
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Pet name:
Gia (FCID# 01/25/2021 - 64)
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Loves people!!!  Please meet Gia (FCID# 01/25/2021 - 64)!  She's about 2 years old and pretty playful.  Gia said she would like you to get to know her. I AM WHO I AM, by Gia.   First of all, I am a bona fide, card-carrying DIVA, and I don't let anyone forget that important piece of information. As you can see, I am a calico and come with all things calico - independent, feisty, and  cattitude. I don't let anyone forget that point either! But most importantly, I am drop-dead gorgeous with vivid calico coloring, big beautiful gold eyes to blend with my coat, and a big, round, baby face. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that I am the most beautiful cat at Forgotten Cats, so if beauty is your thing, look no further. I am OK with humans - I have learned they serve some useful purposes- filling the food and water dish, providing a warm home and cleaning the litter box. Please note the order - food was mentioned first. I am OK with other cats, IF and only IF, they totally ignore me and let me have my space. Dogs ?? Let's not even go there!    Being both a diva and a calico, I am very discerning in what I want in a human, so here is my list: 1. A human who understands the importance of food. I want to maintain my beautiful, full figured body. 2. Access to a nice window or glass door. This serves both of us well - I get to engage in my favorite activity of watching the outside world, and you get a beautiful cat adorning your window sill for all your neighbors to ooh and aah over. 3. I want a human who does not have a burning desire to pick me up, hug me, kiss me, squeeze me or pet me. I am very hand shy, I like my space, and I like my own company. I do like to watch you work though and will sometimes even follow you around. That is enough human-cat bonding for me, and I hope that is enough catting for you.    I have finally gotten my foster mom to follow all these must-haves and as a result, I am a pretty happy kitty. She in turn thinks I am a low maintenance, easy to care for cat companion for just the right human.  Is that you? Please submit our no-obligation adoption application @ to meet me.  Thank you!  Love, Gia.  (Foster:  Kathie F.)


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