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In shelter Rabbit

Lakeville, Dakota County, Minnesota, ...
Pet name:
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Must adopt with bond mate, Katniss

Hi! I’m Primrose, but you can call me Prim. I’m bonded with my sister, Katniss, and I won’t go on new adventure without her by my side. You may recognize our names from The Hunger Games and, let me tell you, the odds were ever in our favor when we were rescued. We were part of 22 buns that were rescued from a meat breeder.

I’m pretty shy because I witnessed terrible things early in life, so I hope you understand my hesitancies. It just takes a little bit of time and some treats to gain my trust and then I’ll be warming your heart and making you smile with my antics. My favorite pastime is surveying our empire – I have a hideyhouse that I love to loaf on top of because it provides an excellent vantage point. Katniss and I live in an x-pen, but we LOVE to free-roam because we’re able to satisfy our curiosities. We’re pretty smart too; we escaped our pen a couple of times, but never caused harm while we were out and about. 

We’re growing more confident and trusting by the day, but we’re not comfortable with being picked up or held yet and we prefer limited pets on the floor. I guess you can say we’re independent and simply enjoy sharing space with you.

Our ideal home would let us have A LOT of free-roam time, provide lots of bunny-safe things for us to chew on, and feed us yummy pellets, greens and unlimited hay. Oh, and some banana now and then. We have excellent litterbox manners, although we’ve been known to dig our litter out of our box. Putting a sink mat on top of the litter prevents that though! We don’t have experience with cats or dogs, but our foster mom thinks we could get along with cats if we had a slow and supervised introduction. 

I would love to have an opportunity to meet you to see if we can be a good match.  If you're interested, please fill out an adoption application at: 

*RRMN does not recommend our rabbits as companion animals for anyone under the age of 12*

Gender: Female

Approximate Birthdate: 4/2020

Adoption fee for Pair: $150.00 (+tax) 

RRMN bunnies are all vetted, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. All bunnies are fostered in private homes where they are socialized and ready to become indoor companion house pets. RRMN is a non-profit rescue group operated 100% by volunteers, and 100% of donations/adoption fees go to the direct care of our animals. Due to their very special behavioral needs, we do not advocate for our rescue rabbits to serve as Emotional Support Animals (ESAs).  We are unable to provide any documentation or certification for an ESA.   


If you have any questions or are interested in meeting or adopting this bunny, the first step is to complete an adoption application found on our website:  For the safety of our rescue bunnies, our protocol requires a home-visit before placement.  Therefore, we are unable to facilitate adoptions that exceed an hour and a half of travel time from the Twin Cities area. 




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