Catahoula Leopard Dog, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
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Casey is a 3yr old Catahoula Labrador retriever mix. She is about 60lbs. If you look closely on my legs and parts of my face, I have the beautiful markings of a Catahoula dog on me! Casey absolutely loves kids, and thinks they are the best because they are just the right height to give her pets and she can kiss their faces. Casey gets along with most dogs, if the introduction is right, she will likely get along with the dog. Casey tends to have a burst of energy at times, but after about 10-15 mins she is ready to cuddle up next to her person on the couch. Casey is a very sweet loving dog, and really just wants someone to be her person. Casey also loves a person who will let her carry a ball around her mouth all day. She will play about 2 rounds of fetch, before she is over the game of fetch. In regards to training, Casey is an adult dog, so therefore she has gone through the puppy phase and you would not need to worry about any of that with her. Casey is working on being gentle on the leash, she walks very nicely on the leash for the most part, until she sees a squirrel. Casey does love her treats, so all it takes is a treat to redirect her and her focus is back onto you. Casey also knows how to sit on command and knows how to stay in short increments. With a little more training, Casey will be an extremely obedient dog. In regards to in home house behaviors, Casey is completely housebroken and crate trained. She knows every night after her foster mom lets her out to go potty, that it is time to go into her crate. She will just hop right in and curl up waiting for her treat. Once she gets her treat, she goes to sleep very soundly and does not make a peep.Casey would love a home, where she would get lots of attention and lots of love. She would prefer a home without a cat, as she does not quite understand that cats don't necessarily like to play with her. She would love to be able to go on walks and get a nice stroll in before her cuddle times on the couch. Casey has a calm enough energy and an awesome demeanor, that she could live in either a home with a yard or even an apartment complex.If you are interested in Casey, contact Liz, Casey's foster mom at 214-616-6128 and Liz can tell you a bit more about Casey with her daily schedule and all her little quirks. Casey is spayed, has all her shots up to date and is on flea and heart work preventative. If you re interested in Casey, feel free to fill out an adoption application at www. If you are interested in fostering a pet , please visit our website to fill out an application


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