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Franklin, Williamson County, Tennesse...
Catahoula Leopard Dog, Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
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This beautiful cuddle bug was found wandering near a highway in rural Tennessee and they named her Jillian.  Jill is 7-8 months old and 38lbs. and appears to be a Catahoula/Pit mix who is blossoming every day into a gorgeous spirit of a dog inside and out.  She has come so far under the watchful eye of a remarkable young woman that found her.  We are needing a new home for her soon before they have to relinquish her to a shelter.  They held Jillian for over a month trying to see if someone owned her, with no results of someone coming forward.  Jill is now housebroken, she sleeps through the night, and delights in going for car rides.   Her foster home has one dog who she loves and, while she has never been unsupervised around the cats, she is respectful of a hiss or a glare and will leave them alone when they’re not open to being sniffed.  She is very nose oriented and loves  her walks outdoors where she can smell new things.  She is low to medium energy and; her  ideal day is going on a walk or two with you and spending the rest of the day by your side either asleep or quietly playing by herself. When she came to her foster mom, she wouldn’t even touch dog toys if a human was watching and would only chew on things in secret.   In time, she’s learned that some things are okay for her to touch.  She has become an expert at playing by herself and her favorite toy is a Kong tennis ball with a squeaker inside. She is adorable as she tosses it into the air and chases it.  She is a self-entertaining dog. She didn’t know any commands when she arrived, but she now understands ‘sit,’ ‘come,’ ‘down,’ and ‘free’ (her release word from ‘sit’ or her kennel).  She’s very excited when her family members come home and she’s still working on not jumping on people with her enthusiastic greetings.  That can be mastered with a good adopter who trains that to a minimum.  As with people, she can be bouncy when playing with other dogs which, while well intentioned, can be irritating to them.  While that needs some work, she is a brilliant student and is motivated by praise almost as much as she is motivated by food.  She really wants you to be happy with her.  This pleaser of a dog is ready for YOU to adopt her!   Are you ready to have such a beauty at the end of your leash and the end of your day to greet you! ADOPTION FEE REQUIRED. Contact ccrtennessee@gmail.com.


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