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Sedalia, Colorado, 80135
Pet name:
Chihuahua, Labrador Retriever, Mixed
Yang and her brother Yin both tested positive for Parvo.  They immediately came to us as fosters.Yang was very thin and not very energetic.  However, after just a few treatments she was eating and drinking.  Her energy level quickly returned and she was soon playing  and behaving like a happy and curious puppy.  Within two weeks she tested negative for Parvo.Yang and her brother Yin were very fortunate to have each other.  They feel a sense of security together and took immediately to sleeping and eating in their shared crate.  Amazingly, Yang will sleep throughout the night without complaint or needing to go outside.  It has been weeks since she had any bathroom accidents in her crate.  However, she does still pee and poop in the house.Yang is the more confident and adventurous of the two puppies.  She quickly bonded with one of our adult foster dogs and they began to play all the time.  We were amazed when tiny Yang followed our adult foster through the dog door one day without any coaching.  Soon she was routinely following our foster in and out the dog door.  (Although, she still hasn’t learned to use the dog door to go outside on her own to go potty.)  Yang loves her toys and will spread them all over the play area from the toy box.  She loves play fighting with her brother Yin.  In the last week we introduced her to our adult foster cat.  Now they are playing together as well!  So, we think she will be a good addition to a house with a cat.Yang sleeps each night with her brother Yin in a crate in my bedroom.  I give them each a milk bone when they go to bed and they sleep up to 9 hours!  In the morning, I get Yang outside to pee immediately or she goes in the house.  Then, she is eager and waiting for breakfast.  We have been feeding her Iams Puppy Chow and she gets almost 1 cup in the morning.  We feed Yin and Yang in separate bowls so Yang doesn’t eat more than her share.After she eats, it is back to the backyard to poop.  Like all puppies, she is easily distracted.  So, I have to stay with her and walk her around the backyard for a few minutes before nature takes over.  After that, she and her brother usually play for an hour or so before curling up for big nap.  I have been giving the Puppies about half a cup of food each around noon to try and get them to gain weight.  Dinner is always at 6PM for the dogs at our house and Yang is always ready.  She gets a cup of Iams Puppy Chow and we mix in some wet food as well at dinner time.We have been giving Yang some chew treats every night when we sit down to watch TV.  We give them Chip Chop type treats there are easy to break up.  We put them in separate crates for this so they don’t steal each other’s treats.  After that the puppies are happy to sit with us on the couch as we watch TV or play on the floor.Yang and her brother Yin have brought us great joy during their stay.  They have doubled in size and are on their way to being happy, beautiful dogs.  We would love to hear about their new adopters.  It’s always rewarding to see them reach their forever home.  We have no back story or update for this dog at this time.  When we do, it will be updated here.  This is all the information we have currently.	Approved Applicants may make the adoption fee payment by clicking donate above.  Partial adoption fees will not hold a dog.	Dogs adopted with our rescue come with FREE training from #GoodPup to help you build strong bonds from the start!	If upon meeting the dog of your choosing at your scheduled pickup time you find that you aren't a good match, your deposit will be fully refunded.	Adoption fees include vaccines up until time of adoption, microchip, spay/neuter and 1st 30 days of free Pet insurance.  We are not affiliated with Pet First pet insurance. (you have to sign up for the insurance or it will not go into effect).  	The dogs in our care are fostered in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.  While all dogs are picked up during our scheduled times, sometimes transport dates change due to unforeseen circumstances.  	More questions?  Read our FAQs here:

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