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Miss Pearl & Turk
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     MEET TURK & MISS PEARL Turk and Miss Pearl are gorgeous male and female Umbrella Cockatoos who have been together since their owner, Neil, bought them from a pet store eleven years ago. At that time, they were between 1 and 2 years old which makes them about 12 or 13. For 11 years, they led a happy and fulfilling life with Neil who just adored them and made them an integral part of his life. Sadly, Neil passed away unexpectedly, and Turk and Miss Pearl now find themselves living in a foster home. It’s obvious that they miss their dad and constant companion, and we are hoping to find the right person(s) to fill the void they are so clearly experiencing. We pray they can become part of a loving family very soon. A PERSONAL MESSAGE Hi, my name is Turk and I loved Neil and the many happy hours we spent together. Neil liked to sit outside and read, and I would accompany him by perching on the top of his chair. Sometimes when I got bored, I would take a stroll and he would have to chase after me to make sure I didn’t get hurt. Sometimes I would sleep in bed with him although there were times that didn’t work out too well. We had so many wonderful times together and I really miss being with him. I’m praying that Miss Pearl and I find a new loving home soon. I worry about Miss Pearl. Hello, my name is Miss Pearl, and I am a bit more reserved than Turk. Although we are a bit different, we have never known life without one another, and we cannot be separated. My favorite thing to do is to have my head rubbed while sitting on a favorite couch or chair. Sometimes when we were both very relaxed, I would fall asleep on Neil’s chest and now miss terribly having a special person to cuddle with. Like Turk, I enjoyed the many hours each day that we spent together, and I too, truly miss him. I worry about Turk, he’s so quiet now.   BACKGROUND ON COCKATOOS Cockatoos are the “babies” of the parrot world, meaning that they are much like a two-year-old child who is always searching for something to attract their interest. Similarly, if they don’t get their way, they can become vocal and very loud. For this reason, Cockatoos should never live in an apartment or condo and do best living in a single family home. They like to chew on things, and they should always have approved toys to chew on. If left unattended out of the cage they will chew on whatever they find interesting, so they need constant supervision when out of their cage. That aside, they are the most people-oriented species of the parrot world and thrive on constant human attention. They do best when living with adults that understand their needs and have prior Cockatoo experience. Cockatoos are not for children. If you feel that you would be the right home for Neil’s beloved Turk and Miss Pearl, please contact us at (954) 680-6456 or (954) 680-6405.      


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