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A VERY SHY & SWEET GIRL:  10 years old / 13 lbs.    I'm a sweet lady who sadly lived my whole life as a breeder dog.  Now that I'm older and no longer valuable to the breeder, I have to go.  Thankfully, Mostly Mutts came to my rescue and will help me find a loving home to live the rest of my days in luxury, love and comfort!  Perhaps with YOU? • OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS:  I get along well with the dogs in my foster home, and I would really benefit from a friendly dog or two to show me the 'doggie ropes' and help  me build my confidence / I ignored a kitty in a home I visited, so if you have a dog-friendly (or dog-tolerant) kitty, let's meet / I haven't met kids and I am very skittish, but If you have very calm/patient older kids that are not boisterous or rush me, let's meet! • PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL:  I am a timid and scared little dog, just now learning to trust as well as learning to wag my tail.  My foster can see my personality starting to blossom as I gradually learn how to be a dog!  I follow her around the house now, but initially bolted when she approached me, so I'll need my new family to be careful that I don't get lost.  I am relaxing a bit more and now come to greet her and sometimes welcome petting.  I have a way to go with being comfortable with people, but I am making slow progress.  When I do relax, my 'super sweet' nature begins to emerge.  A patient owner is key to me opening up and gaining confidence, so go slow with me and eventually I will reward you with tail wags and snuggles on the couch / My energy level is 3-4. • SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY:  I don’t know any specific skills yet as my main goal is learning to trust and accept affection / I am not a fan of the crate in my foster home, and I can be noisy in there.  My foster mom lets me sleep under the covers in her bed, so hopefully you will allow that, too. Otherwise, a comfy dog bed and blanket will likely be fine / I’ve had some potty accidents in my foster home, and my potty habits are best when I have frequent let outs during the day, as I do seem to know that outside is the place to do my business.  Being consistent with me on a good schedule is best. • LIKES/DISLIKES:  I like to sniff around the backyard with the other dogs in my foster home. I really like blankets and enjoy sleeping under them.  I've even been known to cover myself up with them - so cute!  I like to be around my people and will take naps near them on the couch with a nice blanket / I startle very easily and don’t like loud noises or sudden movements, so a calm home is where I would be happiest.  I also don't enjoy being picked up. • MEDICAL:   I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed. I had a large hernia repaired as well as an oronasal fistula repair.  I also had a dental cleaning and don't have many teeth left.  I am looking for a family to love me and make me a cherished family member!  My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.  


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