Domestic Long Hair, Mixed
Gray, White
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Dot is a 2 year old, domestic long hair, spayed female cat. Dot was originally a bottle baby from one of our fosters with a feral colony before she had TNR done, and was adopted through Diane’s Discount Pet Supplies when she was a kitten. Unfortunately, Dot was relinquished to us after her owner could no longer deal with her peeing all over her house. We were told that she had tried everything and the vet had given her a clean bill of health, but the vet told us otherwise. The vet informed us that her owner had brought her in due to the peeing, but opted out of all urinary testing that was offered that may have gotten her to a diagnosis and a resolution. Dot received an antibiotic shot in case it was just a Urinary Tract Infection, and her and her owner went on their way. After nothing had changed over another month, and she had moved into a new house, her owner had had enough and reached out to Diane’s who reached out to us. Dot came in loaded with fleas and not current on vaccinations or dewormings. She was also on a fish-based diet, which is not ideal for cats with pee issues, as they typically have a higher ash content and can contribute to these problems. After actually having a urinalysis done, we have found some good and bad news. Her pH is at a healthy 6, with no crystals or signs of infection, but she does have some signs of inflammation. The vet believes that she has sterile cystitis, which is chronic bladder inflammation without infection, and this is usually caused by stress. Which between a new baby being added to her life, having a cat suddenly added and removed from her previous home, and moving into a new environment, sounds like a very good possibility. Dot is only 13 lbs, but she is a large girl! She has a large build, and her floof helps make her look even larger. She is super sweet, patient, and laid back despite her stress-related diagnosis. Her previous owner said that she or her 1 year old had never been bitten or scratched by her, even if her 1 year old was being a little too rough. Even after being given a long, much needed flea bath when she first arrived, which she was a dream for, she was giving head bumps and purring and wanted nothing but attention. Dot really needs a laid back, quiet home to match her personality. She would do best in a home with not a lot of commotion, and the patience to understand her.


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