The Cutie Pie Kittens: 2 females, 1 male   

In shelter Cat

Greenville, Delaware, 19710
Domestic Short Hair
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The Cutie Pie Kittens: 2 females, 1 male
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Please meet The Cutie Pie Kittens!  All are between 8-9 weeks old as of 6/18/2021.   FCID#06/15/2021-161- Nellie Nellie is the nervous one of the group, so she is Nervous Nellie. She would do best in a home that is more quiet but has lots of cuddle time! She does well with slow intros to new friends (other pets) adults and teens would be the best place for her because she is small and jumpy. She has 3 siblings also available for adoption (FCID#06/15/2021-162-Tommy, FCID#06/15/2021-163-Molly, FCID#06/15/2021-164-Gwen, adopted) all love to play and are adventurous.      FCID#06/15/2021-162-Tommy   The only boy of the group, Tommy is all love and cuddles. He has a laid back personality and watches his sisters (FCID#06/15/2021-161- Nellie, FCID#06/15/2021-163-Molly, FCID#06/15/2021-164-Gwen, adopted) wrestle, but he prefers to snuggle. He gets along with everyone and would do good either in a home by himself or with other pets. Tommy would do best in a home that has adults.   FCID#06/15/2021-163-Molly   This little fluff is a bundle of spunk and love. Molly loves to explore and play rough. She plays with her siblings   (FCID#06/15/2021-161- Nellie, FCID#06/15/2021-162-Tommy, FCID#06/15/2021-164-Gwen, adopted). Molly is high energy and will do well in a home with respectful kids and other pets. She will need more attention and to be kept busy or have a friend to use up that spunk.  She is a bit of a messy eater but has the cutest little belly.   FCID#06/15/2021-164-Gwen:  adopted   Gwen was the runt of the litter but quickly moved to become the leader of the gang: (FCID#06/15/2021-162-Tommy, FCID#06/15/2021-163-Molly, FCID#06/15/2021-161- Nellie).  If she is not sleeping, she is picking fights and playing hard. She needs a friend that can match her energy. Since she is high energy, Gwen will do good in a more active home. She is still small and likes to get under foot, so she needs adults and respectful  kids. Super cute and seeks out attention, Gwen is a gem that anyone would be lucky to have.    Please submit our no-obligation adoption application for a meet & greet or to adopt:  Thank you!  (Foster:  Emily D.)


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