Aunt Matilda   

In shelter Cat

Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, 17043
Domestic Short Hair
Lost or found date:
Pet name:
Aunt Matilda
Greetings. I am Aunt Matilda. I am a mature and graceful lady of 12.  I arrived at a local shelter with no luggage, and I prefer not to discuss past breakups. I cannot give you any real history, but I can assure you that I am an excellent companion. I am also in great health... (except for that annoying diabetes but I refuse to allow that to slow me down). Please note that I will also be great at keeping YOUR secrets. I am currently seeking new accommodation, preferably with one of the nicer families of Baltimore. Are you a nice family? In exchange for room and board I can offer broad experience in many roles from nanny to personal assistant. I am hoping to find a friend and companion to share in the joy of my golden girl years, and occasionally stir up a bit of trouble just to keep things interesting.  Work at home? I will happily supervise, warm your lap, offer advice, and occasionally stand in front of your computer screen to make sure you are taking regular breaks. I love to be brushed and receive lots of ear rubs and forehead kisses. And I can share my family recipe for making biscuits. You can even rub my belly once we are properly acquainted. But I am also a self-sufficient lady in my own right and will not demand all of your attention. I am very calm and quiet (except at meal time, then all bets are off!). I am currently in Baltimore county living with a small dog and some number of other cats. I might do better as your only furry companion. I can get along fine with other cats and dogs after proper introductions... but my diabetes can make me a little competitive when it comes to food. I really don't like to share, and if you don't clean your plate I will certainly clean it for you when you are not looking. Still, if you want to manage separate feeding areas I can probably learn to live peacefully with almost anyone. I know that I am a great catch if I do say so myself. I have been around long enough to know that modesty is WAYYY overrated and a waste of time. So if you want the best companion for your home (and one of the most beautiful)... let's chat! Please submit your letter of interest through Loving Care Cat Rescue They will forward to me and I will get back to you ASAP. If you are interested in adopting this kitty, please fill out the online application at


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