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In shelter Cat

Palatine, Palatine Township, Cook Cou...
Pet name:
Domestic Short Hair
Mercedes is an absolutely wonderful cat who can’t wait to meet her forever humans. This wonderful girl really enjoys decompressing on her window seat while looking out and observing the world around her. If you just look at her the right way, she will start to purr - she is a purring machine! Her favorite thing in the entire world are treats, specifically Temptations and Friskies treats - she will do just about anything for them!! Mercedes is not super interested in wet food except on the odd occasion that she thinks it smells good - but she LOVES dry food!! Specifically, Purina One Cat Food, don’t even bother tying to give her Science Diet, she will give you such attitude until she gets her favorite back!! What a character! Mercedes is very relaxed, mainly enjoying following her people around and touching their legs with her tail when she wants to be pet and loved on. Her favorite spots to be pet are on top of her head, under her chin, behind her ears, and at the base of her tail. She will purr to let you know you’ve hit the right spot! Mercedes has been so focused on being a mom to her babies in foster care that she doesn’t really know how to play! We look forward to her forever family teaching her to be a cat with play! The toys she has enjoyed rolling around with are a fuzzy ball with feathers attached (she loves feathers!) and a catnip toy!When Mercedes learns that you are a good human who loves her, she will be forever trusting of you. She has a wonderful temperament about people, and even let her foster human help as Mercedes gave birth to some wonderful kittens! She has never shown any aggression, even when her people were handling her tiny newborn kittens. She is trusting and loving and incredible. Mercedes is also quite funny with how she talks - she doesn’t really meow - she mainly chirps and trills, it’s quite funny and beautiful.Mercedes came into foster care with Forever Fortunate Felines as a pregnant stray. She was found at a gas station and about 4 weeks later she gave birth to her beautiful babies in her foster home. Now that they are old enough to be adopted themselves, Mercedes is looking forward to a great life where she can be spoiled and doted upon just like she deserves. Mercedes would adapt well to any household, once she gets to know the people within it and is given time to explore her new space comfortably. She would also do very well with a respectful dog. She is very calm and would do well as a solo kitty or with other calm kitties in the household. Apply at online application ( all of our adoptable cats here ( adoption fees are listed here (


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