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DAISY bonded w/BO DUKE *outdoor cat*   

In shelter Cat

Columbia, Howard County, Maryland, Un...
Pet name:
DAISY bonded w/BO DUKE *outdoor cat*
Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Coat length:
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Daisy is looking for her next forever home because her current owner is unable to take her and her feline brother Bo Duke (also up for adoption) to their new rental home in the city. Daisy and Bo Duke have been outdoor cats since they were born. 

Daisy is just 2 years old and weighs 12 pounds. She is spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. 

She is described by her family as: 




Likes men

Likes women

Daisy is a good little hunter. In the country we have lots of things to keep her busy! She and her brother Bo have, together, ensured nothing gets into our house (or are car engines, like squirrels).


Daisy is a little more prissy than her brother Bo. Daisy doesn't love the rain or cold, so ends up spending quite a bit of time in her heated cat house during the chillier/rainier seasons.


With children: 

When we' 
 out of town, our 11-year-old neighbor will come over to feed them. They LOVE her, and she them. She even bought us a calendar of orange cats in their honor! With new children they' 
 a little shy at first, but if the child is gentle they'll start to approach. Bo will eventually wind up on anyone's lap if you let him!

With dogs: 


Bo and his sister Daisy spent the first year of their lives with our 13-year-old Maltese, Simon, before he sadly passed. They didn't have a ton of interaction as Simon was indoor only, but it was a mutual-respect sort of situation. Simon didn't really bother them; they didn't bother him. I do think since these cats have grown up outside, that they know how to respect other animals. We frequently have deer, racoons, opossums, and even fox come through, and have never had an issue.

With cats: 

We have a female indoor cat that is, frankly, kind of grumpy (or maybe just scared). I've noticed Molly acting a bit aggressively toward Daisy (through the window), but Daisy just minds her business and couldn't care less. Which tells me that I think Daisy would do just fine with other cats; she isn't an alpha.  


His ideal home: 


Ideally I'd love for Daisy and her brother Bo to be placed together. Although they've grown up outside at our house, we always had multiple places for them to hang out (sheds, deck, heated cat house, screened in front porch with a pet door), and they will come running for treats. They'
 very friendly and extremely low-maintenance, and would thrive in a situation where they could hunt or sun themselves outdoors, but maybe eventually come inside as well as they work their way into your heart! They'
 clean, respectful, hardworking and loving little things. I think they'd do very well with or without children, and even dog(s) that would be respectful to them.


Rehoming fee: $0

Location: Upperco, Maryland

If you are interested in adopting, please complete our application: Please note: Rescue Well is marketing this pet and assisting with application processing on behalf of its owner as a courtesy. All fees, adoption decisions, adoption requirements are set by the current owner. All claims about behavior, history, and physical condition are claims made by the owner via an online submission.

Likes to be touched
Likes men
Likes women



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