Domestic Short Hair, Mixed
Gray, White
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Chini is a beautiful gray and white kitty with an adorable mark on her chin. (On her ChiniChinChin ;-) She is shy but super super sweet! More specifically from her foster mom --Chini is a beautiful gray kitten who has a funny habit of really leaning into ear scratches. She absolutely loves to be petted, after she’s warmed up to you a little. She’s happiest curled up on a bed or couch for long naps, or playing with wand toys. She’s curious but well behaved! She loves to hang out and play with her sister Gilly. The adoption fee includes the vaccination series, rabies vaccine, deworming, spaying and microchip. She would need another friendly cat as her companion. She is also good with dogs. She was born Sept 2, 2019. General Adoption Policies: Email prior to filling out an application. Please do not call or text. Let us know if you're just shopping around with several shelters and rescues. Application approvals can take up to 1 week.  No young children for our adoptions please. Current pets must be disclosed and discussed prior to adoption. If you have current pets, an introduction is required prior to adoption.  An adoption is not finalized until there has been an introduction to the home/home visit to ensure it is a good fit. Young dog/puppy, young cat/kitten adoptions require you to already have another dog/cat in the home.  We only adopt to Central ABQ, Santa Fe, Los Alamos and Rio Rancho - no out of area adoptions. We appreciate staying in touch periodically - social media, pics, holiday cards, videos, etc. :) COVID-19 Policies/Practices: We follow COVID-19 safety practices including masks, social distancing, hand washing and sanitation. We are not conducting adoption events. A zoom meeting or phone call will be required for all adoptions. We are not conducting in-person home inspections prior to adoption, so pics/videos of your home and pet living & sleeping areas, gates/fencing/yard and current pets are required for application approval instead. If your application is approved, we will bring the animal to your house to do an introduction to the family, home and current pets. We will wait outside and speak via phone/video to ensure there are no issues before officially approving the adoption. You need to follow our instructions to introduce the new pet to your existing pets, and take precautions and responsibility if any issues come up between your pet and the new pet you are introducing. If an altercation were to occur during introduction, you must be capable of separating the animals and you are responsible for any veterinary/medical care and expenses to you/your pet. Masks will be required for both parties. We are no longer able to do multi-dog/cat meet & greets or bring multiple animals to your house to choose from. Maximum pet intro now is limited to two. To limit exposure during this pandemic we appreciate if you would make your decision to adopt during our meet and greet.


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