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 Kuvo kna Becky was adopted and in a home for 4 years.   Her owner took her to shelter instead of returning her to us. Just dumped her and said she was allergic.   Thankfully we got her back with us where she will be loved.  This poor baby is so scared and confused right now.   She is ready to go to hopefully her furever home to someone who will cherish her at this stage in her life.      Kuvo is a sweet cat that loves attention. She is used to being by herself a lot and does well with that... but when you come home to her, she will jump right into your lap and become the best snuggle buddy. She is an ideal cat for that person who would love a companion animal but also has a busy lifestyle. As you can see in the attached video, she loves to sit in your lap to be petted, groomed, and snuggled with. She is not one of those cats who needs another cat to keep her from breaking things and causing trouble in your house. She does not care for other cats and would do best as an only pet.     6/18/2016 Foster update: Kovu continues to be a loving, wonderful pet that doesn't need much from you, but will lavish you with affection whenever you sit down! Yesterday, she had a trip to PRBJ. She hates traveling in the carrier and pitifully meows the whole way. But, when you let her out, she is so agreeable and quite happy. She laid on her back while the vet tech drew her blood and never tried to bite or claw. She remained calm while the tech administered the liquid Bordatella in her nose. Kovu was loving the whole time, even when strangers held her.  Applicants should note that, while most of us look at least 10 pounds heavier in pictures, Kovu does not. Make no mistake, Kovu is a fat cat. She is 16 pounds, and with her short legs and a short frame, so appears even heavier. She must have tucked all the weight up under her for the picture. (Smart cat) :)  I have recently begun to foster her and will attempt to have her lose weight. She is an adorable loving cat, as the video shows, and at only 6 years old, she has many good years to share with her new family.            


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