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Pet name:
German Shepherd Dog, Boxer, Mixed
Coat length:
KOVA ~2 years old.  Good with dogs and cats. Kids TBD.

GSRA adopts to residents of VA, NC, and SC only.

Meet sweet Kova!

Kova is a very happy dog who loves to be with her people. She is a very mellow, easy-going dog and would make a great first dog. She is apartment appropriate and rarely barks. She is also appropriate for seniors. Although she would love a companion dog and a fenced yard, as long as she’s adequately exercised, she doesn’t need either. She’s house trained and crate trained.

Kova is great with cats, other dogs, and given her laid-back attitude, probably small children, but we will need to confirm that.

Kova walks wonderfully on a leash. The video attached below was taken at a baseball game with lots of people, noise and excitement. Kova is not food motivated and has been slow to learn commands but as mellow as she is, she won’t need much training.

Kova gets on the furniture to look out the windows when she’s left alone so she may need to be crated when no one is home. When Kova gets excited, she bounces and gets a little mouthy. She does not bite down - it’s more like she just hits you gently with an open mouth. This happens rarely, and usually just in the mornings. We are working on stopping the behavior.

Kova gets carsick and will need to be on a prescription medication that a veterinarian can provide. She does very well on the prescription but without it the car is not a fun place for her, although she likes the car and will jump right in.

Kova still needs to be spayed, and has started heartworm treatment. When she was nursing the puppies they took her off flea and tick medication so she had flea dirt which is causing her to itch. She is currently on a prescription med for the itching and the itching has cleared up enormously. It is hoped with another week on the prescription and with flea and tick preventives the problem will go away. We will know more before she is ready to be adopted.

Anyone interested in adopting Kova must be willing to wait for her.

Kova probably doesn’t have much German Shepherd Dog in her, but if you’re ready to have a sweet, happy dog in your life, Kova is ready too!


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