Scarlet (bonded pair w/ Sasha)   

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Great Pyrenees
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Scarlet (bonded pair w/ Sasha)
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Scarlet is a twinsie with her bonded friend (probably a sister), Sasha.  These girls were found as strays wondering a country road when picked up by a S. Texas shelter. When the shelter became overly crowded and their lives were in danger, we knew we had to get these girls to safety.  Scarlet and Sasha have a very treatable skin condition which they are currently receiving treatment for and they will have typical long, beautiful Great Pyrenees coats in no time.   Scarlet and Sasha are very sweet and want lots of attention and head rubs.  In spite of their prior lives which we believe was being tied up 24/7, these girls are happy and grateful to have been saved and to have received the medical care they needed.  These two are kind and playful and will make great pets for a family wanting to add two dogs to their family which is really a bonus because they will keep each other busy, fulfilled and they will always have a friend and playmate by their side.  A busy dog is a happy dog! These beautiful ladies will do best in a home with a tall, strong, sturdy fence because they love to be outside.  When they are played out they can come inside to cuddle together and with their people. The family that chooses to adopt Scarlet and Sasha should be a strong, kind leader familiar with the breed or large dogs. Having a training plan in place will be a good idea with these two.  They are just not aware of their size and because they had no guidance as pups, don't have the best manners and like to jump up for attention so a home with small children will not be a good fit.  Car rides are something these girls really like! They just chill out and watch the world go by! There is so much to love about Scarlet and Sasha, they just need a little extra guidance and will make wonderful dogs.  Its not their fault that they didn't have a family to provide the love and guidance they needed which is why they became so dependent on each other for survival.   Please consider these two adoption...they are truly very special kiddos.    Adoption Criteria (adult 1-8 years) 1. Texas Adopters Only (we don't have the resources or volunteer support to adopt out of Texas at this time). 2. Adoption Fee: $375.00 (includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm test). 3. We only adopt out companion dogs that will be considered part of the family and will be primarily inside dogs.   4. Preference is for applicants to have some knowledge and experience with the Great Pyrenees breed. Specific information about the breed will be shared during the interview/virtual home visit.  5. Secure and visible fencing is required. In a very few cases, fencing options will be considered based on the specific needs of a particular dog.  6. Preference is for applicants willing to provide "positive" training to adopted dogs. 7. All current pets in adoptive homes should be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines.       


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