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Free Hopper
Hopper is now almost 5 years old and remains in a foster home where she is very comfortable and settled. Hopper remains "Hopperish" - she has bursts of extreme energy which consists of jumping and pawing, followed by typical greyhound settled behavior. Hopper continues to love stuffies and her food, and is clean in the house. Hopper is sometimes wary of people and can be growly towards the other dogs in her foster home. Original PostingM's Free Hopper is a very pretty little girl. She is friendly and playful when she feels comfortable and secure. She likes to snuggle and to bury her head into your lap or legs. She walks very nicely on leash. Hopper likes people and other dogs.  This 2 year old is a sibling to Free Business "Billy" and Free Dara. She turned 2 in August and is cat tolerant with supervision.Foster Update 6/26/2017 Hopper will be 4 years old in August, 2017 and is currently in a foster home. She is a unique greyhound girl who is active and interactive. She loves her stuffy toys, is a good eater and is housebroken. Hopper is often very enthusiastic and would do best in a home without small children. Hopper at times can be growly with the other dogs, so close supervision is required. She requires a calm, authoritative owner who can deal with Hopper at her best (and sometimes worst). Original Foster Update: Free Hopper is looking out for her forever home. She is not only beautiful but so very sweet. She is very well behaved and gets along with my 4 cats and her small dog friends. She loves belly rubs and has the most adorable little hop when excited. She also smiles when happy. Inmate Handler Update 1/13/2016:"Hopper is a very interesting girl. She is loving and thinks that she is a princess and can also sometimes be a little bossy.  Her personality is one of a kind.  Not only that but her coat has a very black sheen to it that gleams when in the light.  A coat that is also very soft and a delicate frame. Hopper is great on the leash and does not use the bathroom indoors and loves to play."M's Free Hopper is back with GFNJ as it was just not a good match. She is in a foster home and doing just great. She's young and learns quickly. She ignores the cats in the foster home, has easily mastered the stairs, crates easily, has no space issues and corrects very easily with a firm "Hey".This young 2 year old is looking for her forever home.


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