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PLEASE NOTE: - REQUIRES A HOME WITH FENCED YARD - REQUIRES ANOTHER DOG IN THE HOME - EXPECTED TO BE A LARGE DOG (estimated adult weight 50-70lbs)   NAME: CAROLE BRADSHAW  LITTER: CAROLE is part of the "TOP GUN" litter AGE/GENDER: ESTIMATED DOB: 06/2020, FEMALE SPAYED BREED: HUSKY MIX ADOPTION DONATION: $550.00   TEMPERAMENT: Playful and mischievous and high energy HOUSE TRAINING: Great, as long as you stay on a schedule. she knows to go out to do her business and is good about it... as long as you let her out!  CRATE TRAINING: Good as long as you don't overdo it. Carole sleeps throughout the night and eats in her crate. She has naptime in her crate during the day as well. But she's energetic and rambunctious and needs to play before she's ready to settle in her crate. Otherwise the song of her people can be heard... probably throughout the neighborhood. OTHER DOGS: Good! Another dog in the home is required as Huskies are very social breeds and can often get lonely without another companion. Bored huskies can be quite vocal and destructive. Dog companion must be medium to large size as Huskies do have a prey drive. Girl loves to chase and be chased. Carole also has a bit of a dominant streak with her peers but can do well and plays well with supervision and slow introduction. Too much too soon can be overwhelming for her. CATS: Would do best WITHOUT cats in the home. Huskies = prey drive. CHILDREN: Dog-respectful children, 8 and older HEALTH: CAROLE is healthy. She is altered, microchipped, flea treated, and dewormed. Your adoption donation goes toward the cost of her vet care as well as transportation and general care costs.  HISTORY: CAROLE and her siblings came to us from Mexico where they were born under a car. Fortunately, they were found and saved. Motley Zoo Animal Rescue was asked to find them a great forever family and that is exactly what we plan to do. NOTES FROM FOSTER HOME: CAROLE does know her manners but it has to be reinforced because she's a teenager and will test boundaries. She will sit to get treats. Sit before she gets out of her crate. Sits before she eats. Sits in front of the door before going outside. Carole is highly food motivated but she could work on that recall of hers because she is a husky and will test you. She can be nervous of new dogs and will snap at them if they get too close, and she's a little bit of a hypocrite in that regard because she sees nothing wrong with getting in other dogs' faces, especially adult dogs that she likes to kiss. Slow introduction is the key, so this rules out dog parks.   Carole is ALL husky. She runs... and runs... and runs some more. And then digs. Carole is SMART. Probably a little too smart for her own good. And she's quite the athletic. So if you're thinking about agility, she could be the girl for you! While Carole can be dominant with her peers, she is quite submissive to older dogs (and quite vocally so). Sometimes Carole pretends she's a goat and will scream... when excited, when playing, when she feels that you're taking your sweet time opening up that crate door.   She loves adventures and loves to be out and about. She loves going to new places and meeting new people. Loves car rides. She's very sweet and affectionate and likes to be a part of the family as she's a social butterfly. She likes to be involved in anything anyone is doing.    All dogs adopted from Motley Zoo come with a leash and either a Martingale collar or a harness, depending on each dog's particular needs.   ABOUT MOTLEY ZOO   Welcome to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization that is run entirely by volunteers. Motley Zoo does not have a brick and mortar shelter location. Instead, all our rescue animals are cared for in private foster homes where the animals receive one-on-one care and attention in a home environment until permanent placement is found. Please email and request an adoption application and we will work toward approving you as an adopter with our rescue so that we can set a time for you to meet!   For more information, please visit   Thank you for considering adopting a dog in need!   Woof,   The Motley Zoo Crew


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