Husky, German Shepherd Dog, Mixed
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Meet Sky!  She is a 3-year old Husky mix and weighs approximately 50 pounds.  Sky is such a sweet girl and LOVES her people!  She likes to be around you and will lay down by me while I'm in the kitchen, working or watching TV.  She is very cuddly when you sit or lay down by her.  She is very playful and loves to play fetch with any balls, toys or sticks and will often come and drop them by your feet.  She has been very friendly with everyone she has met!  She is also very smart!  She knows how to sit, shake and come when you call her name or whistle.  She also knows "no-no."  She has done really well in her kennel when we have been gone for short periods of time and will usually go in on her own when we tell her to.  She sleeps on a bed on our bedroom floor at night.  She is fully potty-trained and will usually walk by the door when she needs to go out, but we have also tried to keep her on a schedule with going outside every few hours.  She sleeps through the night without having to go outside.  We have started to leave her out of her kennel when we have been gone for short periods of time and she has done really well.  She's not a chewer and hasn't ever tried to get into anything that she's not supposed to. She is a really good eater and gets very excited at breakfast and dinner time, but is a VERY messy drinker!  She likes to go for walks and we are working on her leash skills - she's pretty easily distracted while on a walk and tends to pull, but is easily re-directed.  She does get better towards the end of the walk.  She doesn't bark very often - usually just a little when she hears our other dogs bark. Initially, when we brought her home, she was fairly feisty towards our two larger resident dogs.  This has improved a lot over the past several weeks and she gets along very well with both of them now.  She is playful with our younger dog and respectful of our older dog.  She also recently did well with a slow introduction to another family member's (female) dog who was about her same size.  I believe she had some issues in her previous home with there being several dogs in her neighborhood and she would get upset when they were outside or walked by.  (We live on a large lot at the end of a street so this hasn't been an issue because there are not many other dogs out and about near our house).  She barks a few times when she sees our neighbor dog in our yard, but quiets down quickly. She is not cat-friendly.   She likes car rides and is very calm and relaxed in the car. She has a really fun and playful personality, but calms down easily.  She will make a wonderful pet! Adoption fee includes: Full veterinary exam, alter, dental, prepaid microchip, dewormed, Rabies vaccine, DAPP vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, 4DX , flea/tick and heartworm preventative while in rescue. Adoption fee: $425.00


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