Ivy Grandma Great   

In shelter Dog

Cuba, Allegany County, New York, Unit...
Jack Russell Terrier, Mixed
White with Black
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Ivy Grandma Great
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In memory of Josephine Catanese  Grandma Great’s Special Transport   A transport in memory of Josephine Catanese, better known as Gram. A special mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Gram’s life centered around her family. She loved us, listened to us, taught us, encouraged us, advised us, and was always there for us. Gram had many pets through the years from fish and birds to cats and dogs. Most of which were acquired by her family and brought to her home where they stayed and never looked back. All of these animals weren’t just animals, they became a part of her family. She even cared for the stray cats in her neighborhood, making a cat house with heating pads, plenty of canned and dry food, water, and medicine if needed. She exemplified love and kindness every day of her life. This transport in honor of our Gram is a continuation of her love and kindness of all animals.   Please read EVERYTHING below if you are interested in this dog!  We are getting so many applications for Ivy and we love this girl and she is a blast to live with, but she is not for everyone.  We've received applications for her from humans that work full time and there is no other dog and another where the humans wanted a dog to alert them if someone comes to the door.....Please read as we want Ivy happy and we want you happy.   Ivy was born around October 15, 2019 and weighs about 17 pounds. Ivy came in with 6 puppies that were only days old.  Ivy was an incredibly attentive mother and her pups are now grown.  It's Ivy's turn to live the pampered life!   Ivy is ADORABLE!  She loves to cuddle in the evening when the day is done, but during the day she is playing with the other dogs, running, racing, having a ball and she is very agile!  We found her balancing on the bottom rungs of the kitchen stool the other day - just for fun.  Ivy is leash trained and loves her daily walks, she’s so curious about everything outside! She makes us laugh every day! Ivy is good with other dogs and with kids and rides well in the car.  Ivy was introduced to a cat the other day and she didn't pay any attention to it. She also loves to snuggle! UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM: Ivy is very affectionate - she loves people very quickly. She is very happy to cuddle up with you at night in your favorite spot. She would like someone that is home most of the time. Ivy is deaf - you can vacuum right next to her and she doesn’t move. She will lay in a dog bed in whatever room you are in.  She does not do well in a crate, while you are not home.  She does do well in a crate in the car though. She is a climber and very clever.  A home with a lot of fine antiques would not be the best fit for her.  And it's not unusual for us to find her on the kitchen counter or table or jumping in your micro-green planter.  We know that she enjoys quiche and if that is gone the golumpki is fair game - you will not be able to leave food unattended.  While slowly warming 1 1/2 enchilada with a side of Spanish rice on the stove on evening it all simply disappeared!   Ivy!!!   Oh that's right, can't yell at her - she's deaf!  And she adores helping you with your paperwork whether it's shuffling paper or knocking your laptop on the floor.  She would like a spot where she can look out the window - maybe she is part cat??  A wood fenced yard would be good for her because we are pretty sure she can climb a chain link.  Ivy is a strong and fearless swimmer - she may be small in size but NOT personality!   The Adoption Fee for this dog is $500.00 Adoptions fees vary based on adoptability. In general our fees include spay/neuter, all age appropriate vaccines, Home Again micro-chipping & registration, worming & flea control - a "complete" pet. We accept CASH or Visa/Mastercard ONLY.    Joyful Rescues has no funding except for our adoption fees and miscellaneous donations. Pet care and vet bills are expensive - you must be ready to take on this financial (as well as emotional) responsibility. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 25 YEARS OF AGE TO ADOPT A DOG FROM JOYFUL RESCUES   We keep our pet list as up-to-date as possible. As soon as a pet is adopted, it is removed from the list. If a pet is still showing, it is still available for adoption.   Can't Adopt Me?  SPONSOR ME Look for the Link "Special Instructions to Seller" if you want to note a particular pet Before you seek to adopt a pet from Joyful Rescues, please read our Pet Adoption page http://www.joyfulrescues.org/pet_adoption.html. Online Application


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