Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Mixed
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A PLAYFUL, LOVING FRIEND:  4 years old / 72 lbs.  HI, my name is Luna!  I was adopted a couple of years ago, but my family reports that they can no longer afford to care for me, and I have lost my home as a result.  That makes me very sad, but I know there is a great family out there just for me, and - with Mostly Mutts' help, I hope to find them soon!       • OTHER DOGS/CATS/KIDS:  I like the dogs I met upon my arrival at Mostly Mutts, and I lived with another dog in my previous home, so if you have a nice doggie at home already, let's meet / Cats Unknown / I also met a child on my first day back at Mostly Mutts and though it wasn't an official child testing session, I did like them.  They were about 10 years old, so kids around this age may be a good fit in my new home. I am a big girl with lots of energy, and I would not want to accidentally bump over toddlers or young children, and - of course, let's meet! • PERSONALITY/ENERGY LEVEL:  I am a sweet and playful dog with a very happy demeanor (in fact, I have a little bit of 'happy tail' from wagging it in the crate, it's being treated).   I am a people dog and see myself as a loving lap dog.  I also want to be active with my family and look forward to great adventures and play sessions with my new family.  Please don't leave me unsupervised in a fence as my former family says I can jump a fence or dig out, and I don’t want to get lost or hurt / My energy level is approx. 6-8. • SKILLS/CRATE/POTTY:  I'll want my new family to teach me proper door etiquette, as I am reported to be a 'door dasher'.   Lack of exercise can lead to boredom and destructive behaviors, so please plan to work with me on some good training and proper exercise, so we will all be happy. (I may not have gotten proper exercise in my former home) / My crate manners were reportedly good in my former home, though a metal crate may not be best since I have a bit of 'happy tail' / My previous owner said that I had good potty habits, so hopefully that will be the case in my new home. • LIKES/DISLIKES: I LOVE to play, and the volunteers have deemed me a real tennis ball pro!  As eager as I am to play, I am just as fond of getting and giving affection - being as close as I can to my people for some lap and snuggle time / I can’t think of any dislikes, but I would not be happy if I did not get the love, training, exercise  and  attention all doggies deserve!  • MEDICAL:   I'm current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed.  I've developed some 'happy tail' and it's being treated with medicated cream.  This can be done easily in my new home. I am looking for a great family dedicated to my training and to providing me with the best life a dog could ask for!  My adoption fee is $299.00, and I’m located in Kennesaw, Ga.  


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