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Denton, Callahan County, Texas, Unite...
Labrador Retriever, Collie, Mixed
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Hi I’m Monopoly Not too many weeks ago I was spending all of my time taking good care of my 9 little properties (puppies). We were trapped in the Valentine’s Day blizzard and it took everything I had to whelp my puppies alone and keep the warm and alive. Whew that was really tough and took a lot out of me. The TSBR folks called us all miracles❤️ Fast forward 10 weeks and I’ve finished my job with them and now I’m  getting some much needed TLC of my own. It was hard to stand out on my own when they took up all the limelight and I was at their constant beck and call. But both my foster mom and myself are pretty darn proud of how awesome my littles turned out. I’m sure that’s mostly because I’m pretty awesome myself! I haven’t had as much exposure to the good life as I had hoped but I’m still going and I’m a quick learner. I VERY much love my people and pretty much anyone that will throw a ball, pet my ears, give me cookies, and just let me hang out. When I’m not being hour shadow I VERY much enjoy stalking squirrels and birds way up high in the trees. I could lay in the sunshine all day just watching them.  I like my foster friends but I feel a little unsure at first. I don’t really want any more babies so I’ve got to be sure of everyone’s intentions. I’m still learning how to run and play...I’ve never done much of that but my puppies were a lot of fun and my friends are patient with me while I learn with the bigger dogs. I do like to zooom though, so call me a work in progress. I’m very good in the house but I am young and occasionally need reminding of the difference between Woobie toys and decorative pillows.  If you have a big window, I’m sure to stick my face in it to gaze out, so if you loathe nose prints, I’m probably not your girl! Everyone that meets me adores me and my foster mom says that with some patience and confidence building I will be Amazing! One things for sure, she’s promised me a spectacular future and I know she means it! Falling for Monopoly?  


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