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Hi! I'm Alice! I'm a very sweet, but a bit shy, girl. I came to the SPCA after some nice people found my daughter and I stray. We are looking for a nice indoor home to go to together where we would have lots of room to explore. My favorite things to do include eating hay and greens, I love greens!! My daughter is more adventurous than I am. I will usually stay back while she explores. Do we sound like a good fit for you? Come meet us today! Rabbits are the third most common pet (after cats and dogs), they are also the third most common pet to be surrendered to shelters. It is important that when committing to taking care of a rabbit for the entirety of its life that you are prepared for that commitment. Rabbits live roughly 8-12 years with proper indoor care. Rabbits require annual vet exams much like a dog or cat to ensure their teeth are growing at a healthy rate and to check their weight, ears, heart, etc. If kept in an enclosed space, rabbits need time outside of their enclosure to exercise daily. Some families have integrated their rabbit into their home having a 'free range' rabbit much like a cat or dog. Having room to exercise is critical for your rabbits mental and physical health. Not only does this help your rabbit from becoming bored and destructive but it helps their delicate gastrointestinal system properly move food throughout their body. Adult rabbits should be provided with unlimited hay (Timothy or Orchard Grass), a small portion (¼ cup) of rabbit pellets, and a small handful of fresh rabbit safe vegetables daily (some examples include: parsley, cilantro, dandelion greens). The SPCA strongly encourages Adoption Holds to ensure I will be waiting to meet you when you arrive. To make an Adoption Hold, please call 831-373-2631. The Adoption Center is open to meet me without an Adoption Hold, however you may need to wait for an adoption time to become available and I may already be adopted. El SPCA recomienda las reservaciones para citas para asegurarse de que estaré esperando para encontrarme con usted cuando llegue. Para hacer una reservación de cita, por favor llame al 831-373-2631. El Centro de Adopciones está abierto para conocerme sin una reservación, sin embargo, es posible que deba esperar a que esté disponible el tiempo de adopción y puede que ya sea adoptado.


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