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In shelter Dog

Ramona, California, 92065
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Mixed
White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
Coat length:
Have you met Malina?  

10-year-old Malina entered the Animal Friends of the Valley as a stray without any identification, and sadly, no one came for her. When the shelter reached out to us about Malina, they described her as "a ball of love" who is great with both dogs and people and just wants to cuddle or roll over for a belly rub. We made Malina a Frosted Face and the shelter's description of her was spot on! She has the sweetest, gentlest temperament and is all about the best things in life: love and relaxation! 

Malina is solidly housebroken. She likes her morning of routine of breakfast and THEN potty, thank you. During the day, when she needs to go out, Malina will stand by the back door to let you know. Speaking of breakfast, Malina LOVES her meals. So much so that she will go grazing from other dogs' bowls if given the chance. Malina is a mellow girl and not much of a walker, but she does get short playful spurts where she will prance around the yard and roll in the grass. Malina does well with other dogs and rotates in play groups with Riddle, Outlaw, and Dundee. She loves people and is solidly kid tested and approved! She went camping with a family during a Frosted Fling and joined the kids during an outdoor movie night - she just wants to be part of the action! 

Her Flingers shared, “Malina was such a joy to have in our home, she was reserved at first but quickly warmed up and was friendly and funny! She would wag her tail in greeting when she sees you, keep you company in the kitchen, give you really gentle kisses and will work hard for treats! She doesn't want a whole lot of exercise, but definitely enjoys opportunities to exercise her nose! She really enjoys exploring the garden, sunbathing and "hunting". Based on her body language she doesn't love being bathed, or having her nails done but she tolerated it really well. She's mostly quiet and chill with a few puppy-esque moments of playfulness. Her smile is glorious and she smiles in her sleep!” 

Malina is ready to be your best gal pal, low maintenance and lovable, yet also a mighty lizard huntress! Apply to add sweet Malina to your family:


Malina lives onsite at Frosted Faces Foundation. You can meet her at our next Open House!

Visit us at Open House: Saturdays & Sundays, 10 am - 1 pm.   

Learn more about our programs at No adoption fees and we help with medical costs! 

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