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In shelter Dog

Columbia, Howard County, Maryland, Un...
Pet name:
Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
White with Brown or Chocolate
Coat length:
DISCLOSURE: The adoptable pets in our program are still in the care and custody of owners who wish to re-home their pet. Owners have enlisted Rescue Well to provide marketing and screening of applicants as a service, free of charge. All fees and adoption conditions are determined by the owner. We advise that adopters do not send payment or deposits for pets prior to adopting. 


 is 4 years 
old and she is in need of a new forever home because her family can no longer care for her. 

She weighs 87 pounds and she is vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped with no known health issues.

She is described by her foster family as:

Very active

Barks alot






Likes women

Sit, stay, down, back up, in/inside, drop it

Come, sit, stay, crate, off. She went to a month of behaviorist training and needs consistency and an experienced dog parent to keep working with her. She is so smart loving and eager to please.

Riding in a car: 

She is excited but sits in the back with little whimpers

When left unattended, she has: 

free roam of the house

Around cats: 

She let's cats do there own thing, but will play with them if they approach her.

She has lived with cats without incident in the past.

Around children


She is very curious and likes to jump. It is not recommended that she live with children. 

Around dogs outside the home


She likes to run with other dogs and play tug of war with them

She has lived with dogs without incident in the past.

Her ideal home: 

Roxie would do best in a primarily female household. She is very cautious around new men but will easily warm up to men she's around frequently. Roxie is a mommas girl that likes to protect her person, and she would love being in a house where she is the only dog.


Rehoming Fee: $0

Location: Finksburg, Maryland

If you are interested in adopting, please complete our application:

Please note: Rescue Well is marketing this pet and assisting with application processing on behalf of its owner as a courtesy. All fees, adoption decisions, adoption requirements are set by the current owner. All claims about behavior, history, and physical condition are claims made by the owner via an online submission. 



1. If you are interested in ADOPTING me, please CLICK HERE: 

2. When your application is received, a Placement Manager will do a basic screening. Applications will be forwarded to the owner for further screening and continuation in the adoption process. 

3. Please give us 48-72 hours for a Placement Manager to respond after you submit your application. If it has been longer than that, please email:

PLEASE NOTE: We provide ALL of the information we have on this pet, here on this page, in its entirety from the pet's owner. For more on how our process works, please read our DISCLOSURE.


IMPORTANT: By completing an adoption application, you consent to Rescue Well screening your application, contacting your references, and forwarding your application to the pet owner for further consideration. All adoption decisions are determined by the owner.




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