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Buffalo, Erie County, New York, Unite...
Rat Terrier
Tricolor (Tan, Brown & Black & White)
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Evelyn is a 4 year old rat terrier mix.  She came to NY with her sister Babe (who has since been adopted) in hopes of finding a forever home. Evelyn is so beautiful!  As you can see see has the coolest markings and coloring!  We are just in love with her! During her vet visit Evelyn was found to have heartworm.  She has since been treated.  She is otherwise a healthy girl and will just need to be on monthly preventative for her lifetime.  It is fairly inexpensive and she has no issues taking it with a piece of cheese.   Evelyn is a shy girl.  It takes a little bit for her to warm up to you and to feel comfortable in a new place.  Once she does she is everyone’s best friend.  She is fostered with other dogs and a cat and gets along well with everyone.  She just growl over toys.  She doesn’t bite she just gets very vocal and makes sure everyone knows they are hers.  The dogs in her foster home are respectful and will just go play with something else but If there is another dog in your home they would have to be okay with this.   She is housebroken but she does have submissive urination when she is afraid or when you go to pick her up.  You do have to talk sweet to her and handle her gently.  Evelyn is housebroken with a fenced yard and she has started leash training but will need more work on that in her forever home.   Evelyn is in love with her foster family.  She follows them everywhere and is always so happy to see them.  She uses her paws a lot to get attention and has a bad habit of jumping on people from behind when they are walking.  We are working on this with her but for safety reasons we would not recommend really small children or a person with mobility issues for Evelyn.   Evelyn loves to be loved. She likes to sit on the couch but won’t climb up on her own.  Once you get her up there though you have a best buddy to watch TV with!  She is a sweet girl who is very intelligent, food motivated and eager to please.  She would benefit from some formal training to socialize her a bit and boost her confidence outside the home!  Rat terriers are very loyal to their families and have huge hearts! If you think this gorgeous girl is a match for you please apply! Evelyn is spayed, up to date with vaccines, microchipped, flea/worm treated.  Her adoption fee is $400


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