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Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minneso...
Rottweiler, Shepherd, Mixed
Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
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Sex:  Female           Age:  3-5 years Good with dogs: Yes      Good with cats:  Yes Good with kids: Yes- over toddler age      Weight:  60 lbs      Name/Nicknames:  Dakota Hobbies: Running around in the yard or dogpark, belly rubs, chewing on bones  Tricks/Commands:  Come & sit Crate Trained:  Yes Potty Trained:  Yes Activity Level:  Moderate, I am an active adolescent female. Fun things I do: I like to snuggle with my people and watch TV.  I love to go outside, do a lot of sniffing, and explore.  My human takes me hiking often and to Minehaha dogpark, which I LOVE! I love walking in the water and cooling off but don’t think I can actually swim. I also love meaty bones, kongs filled with peanut butter, and just being outside. I love lying in my foster mom’s yard and on the deck. I’m also obsessed with walks and get very excited whenever I see the leash come out or get to go somewhere in the car.  Socialization/who I currently live with:  I currently live with my foster mom, 1 old small older dog, and a cat. I do well with all of them and respect their privacy and boundaries.  Interesting things about me:  I am obsessed with my foster mom. I would do well with another dog that would enjoy playing with me. My current foster dog brother has no interest in playing with me ☹ I am quite food motivated and eager to please my foster mom. I love all people and the pets and attention they give me.   What am I looking for:  I’m really just looking for a home that can match my activity level- would do best with some kids over toddler age to play with me, and/or another dog that plays well with other dogs. I really would love a fenced yard so I can lie and be outside as much as possible. I’ll snooze on the deck or grass for hours during the day.  Notes from my foster mom:  Dakota is a great house guest. She is kennel trained, potty trained, loves to be hanging out either on the couch looking out the window, or lying outside on the deck or in the grass. She also loves belly rubs. She is great at the dog park and plays well with other dogs. She needs daily exercise. Daily walks or the dogpark are a must. She is a young adult and has quite a bit of energy. Dakota came to me with about 20 pounds of extra weight on and we’ve been working hard at losing those pounds. She only gets small treats and not very often. She still has about 10 pounds to lose to be within a healthy weight range. Currently she weighs about 60 pounds. I can finally see her waist and she looks and feels so much better!   If you're interested in adopting this dog, please view our Placement Process and to fill out an online application. Both can be found here: http://www.arottalove.org/info/adoption Additional pictures and descriptions of most our dogs can be found on our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/arottaloveplus


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