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New Garden Township, Pennsylvania, 19350
Shar Pei, Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed
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What a long and winding road it’s been for CINDER!   Cinder is an approximately 10 year old sharpei/pitbull mix, but we think she looks like a little black bear cub!    She came to us several years ago as a skinny stray and landed herself a foster home with her finder.  Long story short, she was a bit full of herself and easily overstimulated back then, which resulted in her getting kicked out of doggy daycare as well as a couple bites to a neighbor reaching over the fence.  She came to our kennels to learn how to chill out, with a little help from her shelter friends!   Much like a fine wine, Cinder has mellowed and improved with age.  Time has given her a delightfully sugar-frosted face and softened her rough edges, while still preserving her bright, exuberant spirit.  Now that her juvenile delinquent years are behind her, Cinder is ready to move on to bigger and better things!    Lately Cinder has been hanging out in a new foster home, where she shows her clownish and affectionate ways.  Once Cinder knows you, she is rock solid and expresses her love with kisses, lap sitting, and wiggling around on her back requesting belly rubs while providing a soundtrack of happy piggy snorts!  In her foster home she sweetly and patiently tolerates baths and all sorts of handling, and loves cuddling and long walks.  She has some stiffness in her back end, for which she takes a daily supplement, but she loves to explore and chugs along like a happy little tugboat.  She also loves to chew up toys with gusto and proudly holds the title of fastest jaw in the east, senior division!    Cinder is good with dogs, great with cats, and is our go-to gal for dog testing the rescue’s new dogs, which makes her a VIP (Very Important Pup)!  She is a champ at riding in the car and makes an excellent co-pilot.     Cinder has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, tested negative for heartworms, and is on prevention.  She has some normal old-lady pee leaking issues, which are well managed with a regular potty schedule and an inexpensive daily medication, which she eats mixed into her food with no fuss.  We’ll send her to her new home with an ample supply.  Her adoption fee is $150. Please fill out an application at if you are interested in being Cinder’s happily-ever-after!


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