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Merry D201934   

In shelter Dog

Minnetonka, Hennepin County, Minnesot...
Pet name:
Merry D201934
Terrier, Beagle, Mixed
Tan, Yellow, Fawn with Black
Coat length:
Name: Merry
Age: 2.5 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier / Beagle
Weight: 21 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes, would love a mellow dog friend
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: 
Friendly, but scared – would prefer a home without

House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: No
Energy level: Moderate
History: From a reservation in South Dakota
Adoption Fee: $500


From the Foster:

Merry is an incredibly sweet, incredibly shy/timid dog. As Merry’s fosters, we have seen her make extraordinary progress. While she has made amazing improvement, we have realized Merry has her limitations and it takes her quite a while to adjust and become comfortable with new things. She is on a daily anti-anxiety med, and calming supplement to help her and may need them for the remainder of her life. She has a few quirks that need to be understood before anyone even considers applying to adopt.

Merry needs a fenced in yard in a quiet area. She has been in a home without a fenced yard, and unfortunately the realization that she may never walk on a leash was revealed. Merry is the happiest I’ve ever seen her outdoors, and without knowing if she’ll ever tolerate a leash, we don’t think it would be fair to her to send her to a home without a fence.  Merry is very sensitive to noise and even with a yard she would do best in a fairly quiet area. She would love a quiet home to just spend all day outside running with her dog pal and relaxing with her humans if she could.

Merry’s ideal home would honestly be an only female, no kid home. Everyone that has met Merry describes her as ‘without a mean bone in her body’. That is absolutely true, and while she doesn’t hate men – she isn’t aggressive- she is more uncomfortable and scared around them. Over time she does make progress and warm up slightly, but I think she will always prefer the females in her home. As far as kids, Merry is not up for the energy they bring.

In order to set Merry up for success she needs another dog in the home. She would do well with a confident dog that respects boundaries. We’ve found she needs a playful buddy to help get her out of her shell. She typically is pretty calm in the house with the resident pup, but when she gets outside occasionally starts zipping around the yard in chase.

Merry would love her humans home most of the time. She’s been known to howl when she feels alone. Our resident pup has a tendency to bark when we leave as well and we don’t think it helps Miss Merry. We think a resident dog without anxiety when the humans leave might improve the behavior.  

I know Merry’s many quirks may deter some, but we believe she needs a specific environment to truly thrive. Even so, I can genuinely tell you Merry is so worth it. She is the absolute sweetest, most gentle dog ever. She has the cutest happy howl/head shake when you get home. Merry is so goofy outside. She rolls around in the grass, and gets the cutest zoomies with our resident dog. Merry doesn’t need just any home, we are committed to giving her the best life possible while in our care, but if you think you might be a good fit to give this sweetheart the best chance at happiness please apply.


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